LED Light Bulbs In Garage Door Opener

Another article today about our experiences with LED light bulbs in our home.

LED light bulbs as you know use much, much less electricity yet can produce the same amount of light as incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

LED light bulbs are not subject to premature failure if they are used only for a few minutes at a time.

Certain CFL light bulbs, like the different brands we used to use in our own house, stopped working and had to be replaced in only two to three years in the bathroom and hallway … two areas in which we do not leave the light on for more than a few minutes at a time.

Non Recessed Ceiling Light With CFL Bulbs LED Light Bulbs In Garage Door Opener

That, as well as energy saving CFL light bulbs tending to contain Mercury, was one of the reasons we started to switch to LED light bulbs in our how home.

LED vs CFL Light Bulbs1 LED Light Bulbs In Garage Door Opener

Now, as mentioned previously, we used 9 Watt  A19 and 8 Watt PAR20 LED lights all over our home to replace 40 Watt and 50 Watt incandescent and halogen light bulbs as well as 12 to 15 Watt CFL light bulbs; in our bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways table lamps and in the kitchen.

We even used the A19 size of low wattage LED light bulb in our garage door opener.

EcoSmart LED 9 Watt Light Bulb in Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulbs In Garage Door Opener

Now, look at the packaging of any LED light bulbs and it will say something such as ‘not to be used close to electronic wireless devices’.

Well, after I installed one of these LED A19 9 Wall light bulbs on each side of the garage door opener, something strange started to happen with our ability to close the garage door.

There was no difference closing the garage door when we depressed the button next to the door leading to the laundry room. It was hard wired to the garage door opener.

There was no difference in opening the garage door when we were in our car or van outside returning home.

However, when we were leaving the garage in the car or van and used the remote control to have the garage door close it would not; it would remain open.

This was very wierd.

In fact every time we left the garage and used the remote control to try and close the garage door from inside the vehicle, we had to remove the remote control from the sun visor in the van and move it around until it found the sweet spot and the garage door finally started to close.

It could take up to a minute or two until we could get the garage door to finally start to close.

Once it started to close it was fine.

After a few weeks of this, I decided to try something.

I replaced the LED light bulb in the front of the garage door opener with the CFL light bulb which had been replaced.

Once this was done, it took much less effort to find the sweet spot to get the garage door close. You see, I had left the second LED A19 light bulb in the back of the garage door opener.

So, at least we can live with one LED light bulb in the unit to save us money.

I hope this helps you with your own plan to convert little by little your home (house, condo or apartment) over to LED light bulbs.

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  1. Dan Taylor says:

    Had this same thing happen to me. Finally figured out that it must be some radio Frequency Interference with the receiver. Put in standard old GDO Bulbs and all is well.
    Maybe by the time these bulbs fail there will be an LED model that works. Oh I got My LED Bulbs at Costco

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