Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

We have written a lot about the new EcoSense LED light bulbs from the Home Depot.

List at least many (I can’t say definitively all since I am not a lighting expert) LED light bulbs they do not contain any Mercury, which cannot be said for CFL type of energy saving light bulbs.

And LED light bulbs in general, including the EcoSmart brand, use a lot less wattage for the same amount of light.

We have switched all of our incandescent (i.e. the old fashioned) light bulbs (A19 size) as well as most of our PAR20 sized halogen and even CFL light bulbs to Home Depot’s EcoSense LED light bulbs in most areas of our home.

Areas where we now have 9 Watt EcoSense LED light bulbs in the A19 size includes:

  • In our hallway and bathroom ceiling mounted light fixtures:

Long Hallway With LED Light Bulbs Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

  • In table lamps (seen here at my home office with my Notre Dame ball cap):

LED 9 Watt Bulb In Reading Lamp Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

Areas where we now have the 9 Watt EcoSense LED light bulbs in the PAR20 size includes:

  • In our walk-in closet and bedroom recessed ceiling light fixtures:

EcoSmart Par20 LED Lights Used Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

  • In some of our kitchen recessed ceiling light fixtures:

8 Watt PAR20 LED Light Bulbs in Kitchen Ceiling Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

  • In our bathroom recessed ceiling light fixtures:

PAR20 Recessed Lighting Fixtures Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

They are all working great to lower our electric bills.

However, they are not perfect.

The Home Depot’s web site states that these EcoSense 8 Watt PAR20 LED light bulbs “...can be dimmed to allow for light customization

Well, sadly, not for us as I have found out.

Our recessed ceiling (also known in some areas as pot) light fixtures are not that old; they were installed back in  2008.

And, this is the type of dimmer switch we use from Leviton:

Leviton Dimmer Switch in Kitchen Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

I believe these are pretty common.

Well, sadly for us, this combination results in a buzzing sound when ever the lights are dimmed.

So yes, they can be dimmed; if you don’t mind a little buzzing … at least in our configuration which can e a little annoying.

If they are on full, then there is no buzzing at all.

Yet, try and dim them and the more they are dimmed the louder the buzzing sound.

This is very disappointing.

I thought you should know.

However, I still see these EcoSmart LED lights from the Home Depot as being the ones to buy if your light fixture is not attached to a dimmer.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Dimwitt says:

    Lutron makes dimmers designed for dimmable LEDs (also works dimmable CFLs as well as incandescent and halogens)which are sold at the Home Depot. Can learn more here: http://www.lutron.com/dimcflled

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Dimwitt (I am sure you are not ;) )

    Thank you for this. I did not know that there were LED dimmable specific dimmer switches.

    I will definitely look into it and see if one from Lutrom will work better.

    I’ll report back.

    Thank you again for your help.

  3. Vasile says:


    Just a quick question: what’s buzzing, the lightbulb or the dimmer?


  4. Dan says:

    Hi Vasile,

    It is the lights, or the recessed lighting ‘cans’ that are humming / buzzing … the louder the more that the lights are dimmed.

    I’m going to try some of those Lutron dimmers to see if they make any difference.


  5. Nick says:

    i recently purchased sylvania dimmable LED PAR20 from Lowes, and the Lutron “CFL/LED” dimmer mentioned above, and the buzz horribly.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’ll let you (and everyone else, of course ;) ) know how I make out with the Lutron dimmer switches and our EcoSmart PAR20 LED lights from The Home Depot.

    I do understand that different dimmable LED lights are meant to be used with specific dimmers so it could be the case with your Sylvania PAR20 LED’s and the particular dimmer from Lutron.

    Then again, there could be a wiring issue involved with yours (and mine). I am not an eletrician at all (I run away screaming any time there is an electrical issue in my home … quite a site, actually :) ) so perhaps someone who is a licensed electrician with experience on dimmable LED light bulbs and specific dimmer switches could coment here so we all learn.


  7. Alison says:

    I feel very comfortable with MR16 lamp during my study time. Its doesn’t give me any overkill effects on my eyes. Happy with LED’s.

  8. Nice one. Thanks for posting the pictures for an idea of the brightness.

  9. Louise says:

    I am using LED dimable recessed lighting in my kitchen ( total 75 w )with A Lutron LED dimmer rated for 150 watts and still have buzz…I am looking for a high end dimmer that will regulate the power so they do not buzz. Any ideas?

  10. Charlie Huntington says:

    I just installed 3 Ecosmart 6″ LED in can lights. No Dimmer! They buzz (at least 2 out of the 3). I’m somewhat disappointed….

  11. Charlie Huntington says:

    Update – replaced the Ecosmart with Unitech (Lowe’s house brand). I bought 2 of the 700 lumen and 2 of the 800 lumen. No buzz! Interesting, the 700 lumen are whiter and look brighter then the 800 lumen. I like the softer look of the 800 lumen so will use the 700, whiter ones in the laundry room….

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