Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for 2011

Editor’s Note: Curious how this lawn mower is performing in its third year? You can! After reading the rest of this article simply select this link to read Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review Three Years Later.


Have you started to thing about your lawn maintenance yet for this year?

Too early?

You still see snow outside? icon smile Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for 2011

Well, even this time of the year lots of areas in North America have seen the early sighs of spring.

So, I thought I would check out what is new for the Solaris, Epic and Utopia cordless electric lawn mowers for 2011.

If you recall, we purchased this lawn mower first in 2008, its very first year on the market, when it looked like this:

solaris solar charged mower side view 1 Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for 2011

Our reason was that it was the first mass produced electric battery operated lawn mower I had found which came with an optional solar panel to recharge the batteries.

The first year’s model I thought, and still do, looks pretty cool.

Yes, the batteries made them mower heavier than our really old electric corded lawn mower. However, it came with standard self-propelled feature that was very nice. And the brushless electric motor was very unique … no maintenance; I liked that. No gas & oil and polluting emissions … I liked that even more.

If you are interested you can read about our detailed, multi-article review of the 2008 Solaris, Epic and Utopia cordless electric lawn mower with lots of pictures for you to see.

Along comes 2009 and Linamar Consumer Products, the ‘makers’ of the Solaris, Epic and Utopia cordless electric lawn mowers came out with a completely redesigned model, shown in the picture below:

rear solaris grass catcher Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for 2011

Yes, it still used the same brushless electric motor and most models again came with the  self propelled feature (unique amongst electric lawn mowers).

The design changes on the exterior were many for 2009, including a battery charge indicator (very nice), elimination of the ergonomic handle (disappointing), elimination of the larger rear wheels, easier recharging, and more.

If interested you can read about our detailed, multi-article review of the  Solaris, Epic and Utopia cordless electric lawn mower with, again, lots of pictures for you to see, back in 2009.

Along comes 2010 and we were curious on what changes had occurred, so I asked.


Linamar Consumer Products decided to keep all three brands, Solaris, Epic and Utopia identical in 2010 as had been in 2009.

And that was OK for me because I continued to use my Solaris lawn mower, including the optional solar panel charging option shown in the picture below in our backyard:

 Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for 2011

Now, 2011 comes along.

Would there be any change in this fourth year of this cordless electric lawn mower beyond the first year changes?

So, I asked.

Again, nothing.

No changes for 2011; at least this is what the Stephen of the Customer Support for Linamar Consumer Products told me when I asked.solaris electric mower year 2 Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for 2011


So, if you see a 2010 Solaris, Epic or Utopia on sale at your local retailer then I would suggest you buy it as there are no changes (according to Linamar Consumer Products) this year.

Now, are you wondering how my Solaris electric lawn mower is performing in its third year as well as the batteries? Well, there is still snow on the ground here.

When the snow goes away and the grass starts to grow I’ll give it a spin and let you know.

Speaking of which, its time I started to thing about how to get my lawn in shape for the coming summer season as well as my front garden.

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  1. Teresa M. says:

    I’d love to know how the mower and battery are performing now. If you still use the 2008 model, how has that held up?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Teresa,
      Good timing. I am going to write an update on year 3 of our Solaris tomorrow night (do I know how to have fun on a Friday night or what? :) ). I’ll post it Friday night once I have it written up.

      How’s that?

  2. Jen says:

    We bought the 2008 solaris mower a couple of years ago, and have loved it. This spring when we pulled it out we discovered that the batteries, which used to be able to mow our 60x200ft property (just barely!), now can only do about 1/5 before cacking out. Do you have any idea if replacement batteries are still available for this model, and if so, from whom?
    thanks, Jen

    • Dan says:

      Hi Jen,
      Yes they should be still available directly from Linamar Consumer Products.

      Here is their toll free phone number from their web site:


      I hope this helps,

  3. Purchased a Utopia cordless mower in 2008. Had to replace the batteries last year. This year the drive has failed. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Gordon,
      You might want to check on Ebay or contact the manufacturer for replacement parts.

      Anyone else have ideas?


  4. The problem with my Utopia mower was gummed up dogs on the drive gears. Solved by taking the wheels off, taking the drive gears off and freeing the dogs. Easy fix if you know where to look.

  5. My 2008 Utopia mower needed batteries last year. Then I discovered that they should be kept above freezing. Hate to admit I left mine in my shop over the winter. We don’t have a lot of below freezing temps in Kelowna, but there are some. Now the batteries spend the winter in the house.

  6. Yves McDonald says:

    Four years of good service from my Utopia mower so far: I clean it up often, removing grass twigs away from mobile parts. I store the batteries on charge during Winter. The mower stays in the shed all year long. I liked it so far: low noise, No gasoline messes, no extension cord to drag or fuss with. Until this Spring….

    I think the motor or controller just died: when I press the start button, the motor starts spinnig then stops one second later. The controller’s middle green LED flashes and the buzzer beeps five times (like number five in Morse code) in a loop. Removed the blade & drive belt for a ‘no load’ motor test: same result. Inspected the wiring, controller PCB and motor compartment : all clean, no sign of damage… WTF!? The motor is sealed. How could it kick the bucket like that?

    Anyone else experienced that too?

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