Drywall Repair By French Doors

Previously, we described the set of circumstances which resulted in a very large crack in the drywall by our newly installed set of French Doors.

So, to bring you back to our starting point, below you will see the crack in the drywall starting at the left of the vertical door frame and going about 13 inches to the left, then making a 90 degree turn upwards for another 13 inches or so.


Dryall Crack Caused By French Door1 Drywall Repair By French Doors

While the contractor who indicated there was nothing that could be done I decided to proceed with my attempted fix.

First,I cut two lengths of non-adhesive drywall tape; one length for the horizontal portion of the crack and a second for the almost vertical crack.

Cut Drywall Tape1 Drywall Repair By French Doors

Notice in the picture above that the one cut drywall tape seems to have its ends cut on an angle. Yes, that’s correct. The reason I did that was due to the almost vertical portion of the crack.

Next, I placed a small amount of water in the small plastic tub shown below.

Water For Drywall Strip Drywall Repair By French Doors

This water would be used to quickly run the non-adhesive drywall strip immediately prior to placing the drywall strip on top of the crack in the wall.

As far as the preparing the crack itself to be repaired I removed any loose or almost loose pieces along and within the crack. This was followed by sanding the surface of the crack itself to have it as smooth as possible. The last think I want is for a piece of the wall, no matter how small, to be jutting out just enough to make a hole in the non-adhesive drywall tape.

Now, to begin the repair of the drywall crack, I applied some drywall compound (premixed) to the horizontal portion of the crack.You want to make sure that the drywall compound is not overly thick which can cause problems in trying to provide a smooth base for the drywall strip.

Drywall Compound Applied To Horizontal Crack Drywall Repair By French Doors

Do not be afraid to add just a little water into the drywall compound mix if you feel it is too think which can occur in a when you are using some of the balance in the container which had been previously opened to repair another drywall crack. This is exactly what I did here.

This was then followed by taking the one drywall tape strip quickly through the water in that small tub above and placing it on top of the drywall compound on the wall. Remember that you want the applied drywall compound to be just a little wider than the width of the non-adhesive strip.

Then use a clean drywall taping knife to press the drywall tape strip securely against the compound above the crack. Be sure that there are no air pockets between the tape and the wall.

Drywall Tape and Wall Cracks Drywall Repair By French Doors

Then, apply drywall compound to the almost vertical crack followed by its own drywall tape as described above and shown in the above picture.

However, notice that at the top of the vertical drywall strip in the above picture that there is still a little drywall compound to its left. That is because the drywall compound was applied to follow the crack in the wall of course.

Drywall Repair Start Drywall Repair By French Doors

So, that is why in the above picture you see a final, very small, piece of drywall tape applied at the very top.

Actually that last picture was taken once the drywall compound had fully dried on the wall. Some folks say to apply the second layer of drywall compound onto the wall, covering the drywall tape, with the first layer of compound still ‘wet’. I don’t agree. Sure, it takes more elapsed time for your drywall repair project.

However, if you try to apply the second layer of compound with the first still wet, you run the risk of inadvertently moving the drywall tape as you do this causing either air to get between the tape and the wall, or exposing the crack which can then re-appear in the future.

Select this link to the next article where drywall repair project continues by our French Doors.

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