We Have A Winner

… yet two interesting aspects came out from our $200 Home Depot Gift Card giveaway.

If you recall, the past three weeks has seen us host this giveaway where one could enter an unlimited number of times.

The only stipulation was that each entry contain a different way to conserve energy or clean water in a typical bathroom in a home (house or apartment).


Well, as you may recall our free Home Energy and Water Saving Guide was created from prior giveaways on our site in the same manner.

Current, our free Guide contains more than 530 different ways to save money at home through many different ways to reduce electricity, heat (in the winter), water heating, cooling (in the summer) and clean water. Of this total:

  • - 440+ are simple and easy to do
  • - 300+ cost absolutely no money
  • - 125+ cost next to nothing
  • - 145+ clean water saving tips
  • - 115+ electricity savings tips
  • - 110+ winter heating savings tips
  • -   80+ summer cooling saving tips

So, we thought since The Home Depot provided us with this giveway for our site’s visitors as a way to promote their Redo and Reno Your Bath event, why not have the same sort of structured giveaway yet focusing on the bathroom?

That way we might be able to increase the number of money savings energy or water conservation tips for folks in our Guide by 10, perhaps 15, new tips.

We were wrong.

A quick glance at the more than 1,8oo entries showed that we have at least 30 new money saving ways to add to our Guide; which we will soon.

And, over the next several weeks we will write about the many new money savings ways which should also reduce your energy or clean water consumption.

The second interesting aspect of the giveaway was that we had so many gosh darn rejected entries. Out of the more than 1800 total entries, more than 260! This represented more than 14% of the entries.

Why? Well, I think we clearly indicated both in the articles about the giveaway as well as on the entry form itself that the energy or water saving idea was to be used in a typical bathroom in a home.

Yet, other than the clearly bad entries (you know, the ones with ‘Count me in!’, or ‘Let me win, please!’ as part of the entry which clearly will not do), most of the entries we had to reject contained an energy or water saving idea which could not be typically used in a bathroom.

Energy conservation tips such as ‘Wash dishes by hand and not in the Dishwasher’ or ‘We wash our laundry in cold water.’ or ‘We only wash full loads of laundry.’ are money saving as well as energy / water saving ideas; the issue is that most bathrooms in homes in Canada and the USA do not have a dishwasher or an automatic clothes washing machine.

What does that tell me?

Well, it tells me that many people do not really think about the bathroom as a place where a lot of money can be saved through a significant reduction in the amount of water or amount of electricity or air heating / cooling. After all, the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the home (house or apartment), right? So, most folks I am thinking are tending to forget about a bathroom’s specific energy and water usage.

There is plenty of opportunity to save money in a bathroom.

As mentioned, I’ll share with y’all the new ideas we received in this regard in the next several weeks.

For now, thank you to all who entered, many of whom entered numerous energy and water saving tips.

Who won?

Well Karen Marie Doherty of Nashua, New Hampshire was randomly selected with her entry on February 5, 2011 (in the middle of our giveaway).

Congratulations Karen!

Now, I wonder what she will do with her $200 Home Depot Gift Card? icon smile We Have A Winner

And thank you to The Home Depot and to Katherine (one of those behind the scenes type of shy folks … she knows who she is!).

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