How To Repair Drywall – French Doors

Over the past couple of weeks we have written about our experiences repairing drywall in two very different situations:

  1. How To Repair Drywall Holes From Relocating Towel Rack
  2. How To Repair Crack Between Sheets of Drywall

Today, we have a third different type of drywall damage in need of repair in which I thought you might be interested in how we did it.

Take a look at the picture below. What do you see?

Glass French Doors To Dining Room How To Repair Drywall   French Doors

Sure you see a pair of French Doors with glass inserts leading to a dining room with dark hardwood flooring and a very nice cherry wood dining table, chairs and matching cabinet. Sure, there is also a portion of a print from the J. Pall Getty Museum in Los Angeles of the View of The Grand Canal by the 17th century artist Bernardo Bellotto, on the background wall.

However, take a closer look to the upper left wall from the open French Door on the left.

Crack in Wall By French Door How To Repair Drywall   French Doors

Do you see it now? What you should see is a very ugly crack in the drywall which starts at the upper left horizontal door frame and goes straight out about 13 inches or so and then up to the ceiling.

When we underwent the massive renovation of this house more than 3 years ago we had the contractor enclose the opening between the dining room and what was the living room.

We wanted this because enclosure because the plan was for the living room to become my home office, which is continues to be to this day.

Yes, my home work office can be on the messy side.

So, when entertaining (not that we entertain that much) friends and family in our dining room we want to close it off from my home office.

Compare the first picture above to the picture below which was taken before the prior owners moved out of the house so we could start the renovations.

As you can see, other than the completely different furniture, is that the opening from the living room to the dining room is quite wide……too wide to install French Doors.

Dining Room from Living Room How To Repair Drywall   French Doors

So, first the contractor narrowed the gap in the wall between the living and dining rooms and then installed the French Doors.

About 6 to 9 months after the renovation was complete, I was working in the home office and I heard a loud crack type of sound coming from the direction of the French Doors.

When I looked I saw that large crack in the drywall.

Dryall Crack Caused By French Door How To Repair Drywall   French Doors

When I called the contractor to complain he said that I should expect that to happen and there was nothing which can be done; he said it was simply the weight of the door on the installed wood frame and drywall.

Seriously, that is what he said. He did not come out to take a look or offer alternatives; nothing! Does the expression thanks for nothing mean anything to you?

No, we have not had him back for any work.

So, three years went by before I, finally, got around to attempting to fix it myself.

And, as typically happens when most folks try to fix things themselves … at least when I try to fix things myself icon smile How To Repair Drywall   French Doors … the unexpected happens.

How would you attempt to fix this crack in the wall?

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