Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

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Over the past week or so I have written and showed you with lots of pictures about the repair of minor drywall damage in one of our bathrooms caused by the repositioning of a towel rack.

Today we start another short how to drywall repair series. This drywall repair again is occurring in one of our bathrooms. The repair materials we used you can obtain at The Home Depot (except for the paint because we used left over paint we had from our major home renovation projects 4 years ago).

While it occurs again in a bathroom, in a potty room to be more specific, it is a totally different drywall damage situation than previously reviewed.

Take a look a the picture below.

Potty Room Wall Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

Do you see the drywall damage?

Take a closer look in the picture below taken with out the flash.

Potty Room Wall With Drywall Damage Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

What you are looking for is a horizontal line in the middle of the picture.

What happened is that the drywall compound became separated between two sheets of drywall.

In this situation, experts say that simply using drywall compound is not the answer; rather, they indicate that one should first use drywall tape.

Drywall Tape Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

Drywall tape is a paper based non-adhesive tape which should be used to help retain drywall compound where ever drywall sheets meet. Clearly it was not used in this case.

In the middle of the drywall tape you will see a ridge while on the other side a tough. This allows one to fold the tape to be used in a corner where two drywall boards meet.

Ridge in middle of drywall tape Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

Experts say when using drywall tape not in a corner area to have the ridge part of the tape facing outward when it is applied against the wall.

Now, remember that drywall tape is non adhesive. So how does it stick on the wall if there is no glue on either side of the tape? Well, will drywall compound of course. icon smile Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

Cut Drywall Tape Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

Now, the first step is to measure and cut the amount of drywall tape you will need to cover the area of the wall to be repaired. Remember, measure twice, cut once, then check the length of tape you cut to make sure it fits.

Drywall Compound Applied Before Drywall Tape Separated Drywall Sheets Repair

The next step is to apply a thin coating of drywall compound about 2 or so inches wide (which is just a little less than the width of the drywall tape) on the area of the wall to be repaired. You can see this in the above picture.

Now, do we apply the cut length of drywall tape to the drywall compound? No.

Select this link to see how we continue to repair the separated drywall sheets in our bathroom.

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