Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

In the previous article within this drywall repair series, we discussed the technique of using not one but two coats of primer paint, before painting, on top of the two coats of drywall compound, sanded, used to repair the holes in the drywall left when we repositioned the improperly installed double towel rack.

Today we see the results of applying the paint.

Remember that our goal is to have it appear once the drywall repair project is finished as if there was never a drywall repair project. icon smile Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

Closeup of Painting Wall Repair Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

So, the day following the application of the second primer coat, I applied the initial coat of blue paint onto the repaired areas of the wall. Again notice that I do not paint only over the repaired area of the wall but also on the adjacent wall area to avoid having the dreaded repair outline on the wall.

Starting to Paint Wall Repair Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

Since the paint was from the same can used to initially apply the blue paint to the wall in the first place, I wasn’t concerned about the tone not matching as long as I had the other techniques already discussed in the previous article.

First coat of paint on other wall repair by towel rack Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

After I applied the small amount of blue wall paint on the repaired areas, I noticed that there were a few other spots on the wall which could benefit from a fit of a touch up.

Additional Paint Touch Ups Still Appearing Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

So, this I did as you can see from the areas of wet blue paint in the above picture. It looks like there are wet paint spots in the lower left of the above picture. However, the paint is dry……just look at the repair areas of the wall around the towel rack in the middle.

What I discovered was that for some reason that area on the wall where the paint touch ups were applied was actually a darker shade than the rest of the wall. My only guess is that perhaps that area of the wall may have only had one primer coat applied vs the rest of the wall having two coats. Or, perhaps that area of the wall had paint which was not mixed as well as the rest.

Second Coat of Paint Applied Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

What ever the reason, when I applied the second coat of blue paint on the repaired areas of the bathroom wall by the towel rack, I decided to apply a coat of paint to the entire area of wall which appeared to have a darker shade of blue.

Applying Second Coat of Paint Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

I was curious to see the outcome of this technique. I wondered if that area with the touch up would now blend into the rest of the wall paint but the touched up areas now appearing a darker shade.

Finished Drywall Repair Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

Well, when I checked the next morning, I relaxed.

Finished Drywall Repair After Second Coat Dried Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair

As these pictures taken show, I have reached my goal of having the area appear as if there had never been a drywall repair project in the first place.

Repaired right side of towel rack Completing Bathroom Drywall Repair
And the area towards the lower part of the wall underneath the  towel rack now blended in with the rest of the wall.

Next time, we look at another drywall home repair project of a different type.

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