How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

A few days ago we provided a summary of the many articles we wrote about preparing both a previously tiled floor as well as one covered with linoleum for new oversized floor tiles.

Today, we provide you with the listing of the articles, with many pictures, we wrote about the installation of oversized 24 inch by 24 inch floor tiles upon completing the many steps involved with first preparing both floors.

As a reminder,our floor tiling project began with 23 year old tiled flooring in our front hallway …

Old Light Floor Tile Against Dark Hardwood Flooring How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

… and 23 year old linoleum floor covering in our adjacent laundry room.

Front Hall Old Tile From Living Room View How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

Once the project was completed, here was the finished installation of the oversized floor tiles in the front hallway …

Glass Square Insert In Porcelain Floor Tile How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

… with the view of the front hallway from the front door here …

FrontEntrance With Charcoal Large Floor Tiles How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

… and in the adjoining laundry room.

Black Floor Vent Register on Charchoal Tile in Laundry Room How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

There were a lot of lessons learned along the way. Installing such large floor tiles has unique challenges which do not occur with the more traditional smaller floor tiles.

I hope this series of how to articles helps you in your own floor tile installation home renovation project.

Starting To Lay Oversized Floor Tiles

Preparing For Glass Floor Tile Insert

Handling Floor Level Issue

Challenge of Floor Leveling With Oversized Floor Tiles

Adding More Concrete for Weight of Oversized Floor Tiles

Starting To Install Laundry Room Floor Tile

Hairline Cracks In Dried Concrete Sub Floor

Installed Tiled Flooring Taking Shape

Glass Insert Floor Tile Border Installed

Laying Finishing Border Floor Tiles

Repairing Carpet on Vertical Stairway

Adjacent Sunken Living Room Floor Tiling Impact

Color Coordinating Floor Tile, Hardwood and Carpet

Finishing Baseboard Trim At End of Floor Tiling Project

Applying Caulking On Top Of Tiled Floor Grout By Wooden Railing

Color Coordinating Vent Register Covers With Floor Tiles

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  1. Katrina Jones says:

    Hi I love what you have done and would like to see this size and color tile, where would I find it?

    • Dan says:


      Yes those tile are beautiful ….. they are the color of slate but are ceramic.

      We got them from a small tile store in Oshawa, Ontario Canada.

      The store is located just down from the south west corner of Taughton Road and I think Simcoe Street.

      I hope that helps.

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