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Now, you might be wondering what a home renovation and energy conservation web site like might be doing with a produce review article on any cell phone, let alone the Nokia 7020 mobile phone. After all, we write about our own experiences with home renovation projects, energy conservation efforts and the like.

Heck, we even have and maintain our free Home Energy and Water Savings Guide containing more than 530 different ways to reduce your household’s electricity, heating, water heating and clean water use to save you money and save the planet one household at a time.

A cell phone review?

Well, this is my current cell phone so it is a product I personally use.

And, there is an energy conservation tie it as well.

Now, I do not use my cell phone very much. I especially do not text hardly ever.

All I need is a basic phone for people to call me when I am not at home or in the office, or for me to call out in an emergency when I am out.

I don’t take calls when I am driving … and neither should you.

My current Samsung cell phone was 3 years old. It did the trick. However, I was offered a new phone free by my cell phone provider so why not I thought. It would be three years newer and I could still use my old cell phone as a backup.

My new cell phone is the Nokia 7020 pictured below, showing the camera on the back.

Nokia 7020 Cell PHone Closed Mobile Phone Review   Nokia 7020 Review

Yes, the Nokia 7020 mobile phone has all the bells and whistles of any phone. It can take pictures and videos. It has an alarm clock feature, a calendar and a to-do list. the Nokia 7020 can connect to FM radio, can play music and even display maps. Yes, it has Blue Tooth capabilities.

Nokia Cell Phone Open Mobile Phone Review   Nokia 7020 Review

However there is one feature I really do not like and one which I really do.

First, for the bad news.

I usually leave my cell phone setting on a loud ring. This is because if I am in an airport or shopping mall I find it hard to hear the ring amongst the background noise. Yet, sometimes when I receive a phone call on the mobile phone and it starts to ring I am to busy to answer it yet I want the ringing to stop.

Nokia 7020 Simple Cell Phone Front Mobile Phone Review   Nokia 7020 Review

Every single cell phone I have ever had contained a small button on the outside so that if it was ringing and I wanted the ringing to stop I simply pressed that small button. The ringing would stop and the call would go to voice mail.

However, not the Nokia 7020.

As you can see from the pictures there are absolutely no buttons any where on the outside of the phone. The only way I know of to stop the phone from ringing is to open and close the phone. However, this disconnects the call!

I can’t believe there is no such button on this phone.

However, here is the one aspect I really like which I have not seen on any of my prior cell phones in the past.

As you know, we have written about phantom electricity; you know, where electricity is consumed even though the electrical device is turned off such as the television, or a gaming station … or a phone charger.

What I really like about this Nokia 7020 is that once the re-charging is finished the phone leaves a message reminding me to unplug the charger to save energy.

Nokia Mobile Phone Charging Complete Energy Saving Message Closed Mobile Phone Review   Nokia 7020 Review

That is a great reminder. And it is correct. Leaving any type of battery charger plugged into the wall after you have disconnected it from the electrical device whose batteries it was meant to recharge, including that for a cell phone, does use electricity. What a waste.

SDC12484 Mobile Phone Review   Nokia 7020 Review

So to have a visual reminder both on the inside and outside of your mobile phone to unplug the battery recharger every time your cell phone recharging is finished is an excellent idea.

Way to go Nokia!

Now, about that external button to stop the phone from ringing?

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