EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review

In our last article within this series on LED light bulbs for the home, I discussed why LEDs are superior to CFL light bulbs.

There were numerous reasons for my preference of LEDs vs CFLs or the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs which we detailed in the above referenced article. It is important, I think, to be reminded about the benefits of using any new technology.

So, in summation, the reasons why I prefer using LED lighting in my home include:

  1. Lights in a home accounts for approximately 15% of all electricity usage, exceeded only by air conditioning
  2. You can gradually replace your current lights to LEDs over time rather than needing a huge amount of money at once
  3. LED light bulbs contain no Mercury which is very harmful to our health
  4. LEDs do not heat up like incandescent light bulbs and thus do not add to excessive heat in the summer
  5. LEDs turn on instantly, unlike many CFL’s
  6. LEDs do not stop working prematurely from frequent short usage, unlike many CFL’s
  7. Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in the U.S. over the next few years

Now, as one who does not like change (ask any of my friends or co-workers icon wink EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review ), with any new technology there is the question of “Will this [place new technology here] work for me? How do I really know?”

So, since LED light bulbs are relatively new for homes, I thought it would be helpful to review different situations we have in our home and how the EcoSmart A19 LED light bulb from Home Depot performs. Sure, one can talk about how LEDs use so much less electricity than the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs, up to 85% less so I am told, that one needs to start thinking in terms of ‘lumens’ as the measure of light output and no longer watts.

However, I have neither the desire or inclination to learn a new language. Lumens. I’ll leave that to others.

I just want to know if I have a light fixture (say a table lamp, or a reading lamp, or a ceiling electrical light fixture, etc.) which uses a 40Watt A19 incandescent traditional light bulb, or uses a 14 Watt CFL curly light bulb, will the 9 Watt A19 EcoSmart LED from The Home Depot work just as well?

Well lets start to take a look, shall we?

First, here is my work desk in my home office. Notice the gold colored reading lamp which can be seen in the top center of the photograph. I took this picture (as I did with all of the pictures in this series) with no flash bulb.

LED 9 Watt Bulb In Reading Lamp EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review

As you can see, the light produced by this 9 Watt LED light bulb within the reading lamp is excellent; it is actually a little more clear than the 24 Watt CFL which it replaced. You can even see the interlocking N and D on the front of my new Notre Dame baseball cap! The light is perfect for reading my notes, etc. This picture was taken around 6:15 a.m. in early November before the sun had come up. Yes, I do start work early (compared to some).

Next, below we have a picture of a floor flood lamp which we have had for years and years, just like the above reading lamp.

Home Depot A19 9 Watt LED Light Bulb In Flood Lamp EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review

This picture was taken around 9 p.m. on the prior day in November so yes, the sun had already gone down. We use this flood lamp to provide indirect light in the room. Again, the 9 Watt EcoSmart A19 LED light bulb from The Home Depot works great.

Now, the thing to understand about LED light bulbs is that they produce a more direct light because of the LED technology. In these two cases, the Home Depot 9 Watt LED light bulbs were encased in a reflective light fixture which helped in my opinion.

Lastly, here is another lamp situation, the lamp on one of our family room end tables. Here the 9 Watt LED bulb is not surrounded by reflective material. This was taken around the same time as the picture immediately above.

9 Wall LED Bulb in Table Lamp EcoSmart A19 LED Light Bulb Review

Here, it looks like the simple end table lamp provides sufficient light; and it does if I simply want a lamp on while I watch TV, talk on the phone or talk to friends we have over. My wife, however, thinks this is just fine and meets her brightness needs for reading. This pass Saturday I was up very early and started to read the weekend newspaper with my freshly made coffee in our family room (pictured above). It was around 6:15 am and was still quite dark. After a few minutes I realized that I was reading the newspaper with the only light provided by the 9 Watt EcoSmart LED light bulb! So I was both reading the weekend newspaper and saving money at the same time by using less electricity. We used to have a 19 Watt CFL in this lamp just so you know.

Select this link to the next article in this series where we will see how these EcoSmart 9 Watt A19 LED light bulbs perform within ceiling light fixtures in very small areas.

NOTE: The Home Depot works with bloggers such as myself to conduct product reviews. They do not tell bloggers what to say about their products or how to say it. The Home Depot fundamentally believes that people should be free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot often provides product – free of charge – to bloggers for review as they did for this post. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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  2. jared says:

    Great read such good review about LED light bulbs. I have designed my home with LED lights as i prefer it more over CFL light bulbs.

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