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Today’s article focuses on some of the restaurants we have experienced during our two visits to South Bend and the Notre Dame campus.

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Let’s face it. Part of any vacation is the dining experience. The same goes for a guy’s football or golfing weekend.

Last year we were a little disappointed with some of the recommendations for eating we received from various people who had spent a considerable time in South Bend, either as Notre Dame students or fans.

We were told that Bruno’s was the place to go for pizza. Well, for us it missed the mark.

However, this year we were told to go to Rocco’s.

 South Bend Resturants

Rocco’s, at 537 North Saint Louis Blvd along South Bend Avenue has a non-descript exterior; if you blink you will likely miss it, especially at night. The above picture was taken of the back of the building in the parking lot at night.

We were told by several to get the Pizza, so we ordered a large.

 South Bend Resturants

In the words of my buddy Harvey, the pizza was “Amazing”!

 South Bend Resturants

It was. I can’t remember the last time I had such a delicious pizza; perhaps at another family owned and operated restaurant in downtown Toronto in the early 1980′s.

Know who else seems to like the Pizza at Rocco’s? Well, none other than one of the more visible Notre Dame Alumnist Regis Philben.

 South Bend Resturants

The wall by the cash register was filled with many pictures, including several of Regis over the years, from younger Regis to more current day Regis.

 South Bend Resturants

It was actually pretty cool. There were a lot of pictures from famous folks on the wall, more of which are shown in the picture below. It was a must see attraction for any Notre Dame fan.

 South Bend Resturants

When we were in the mood for a really good hamburger, this trip we were told to go to CJ’s in downtown South Bend. So we did.

CJ’s, by comparison to Rocco’s, is a sports bar. So naturally, being a sports bar in South Bend not only were there a lot of flat screen TVs tuned to different sports channels but there were also many different Notre Dame Football related artifacts as shown in the picture below.

 South Bend Resturants

We were not disappointed. The hamburger pictured below with a few adult beverages was excellent!

 South Bend Resturants

We were not disappointed. The hamburger pictured above with a few adult beverages was excellent!

Again this trip we had a lunch at the Legends restaurant on campus just south of Notre Dame Stadium

I was a little disappointed but not for the reason you might think.

legends of notre dame lunch 02 South Bend Resturants

In the above picture taken last year with some new friends who were parents of Notre Dame Alum’s, see what I am drinking? You can’t because plastic cup is empty the beverage was so good. No, it was not beer. It was delicious cider. Sadly, they did not have it this year. Very disappointed. So, this time I had Killians Irish Red, naturally!

Last year we ate at Fiddler’s Hearth which we highly recommend for authentic Irish and Celtic food.

fiddlers hearth 001 South Bend Resturants

We wanted to go back again this year but ran out of time.

fiddlers health 007 South Bend Resturants

So, the picture immediately above was taken from our visit to Fiddler’s Hearth, also in South Bend, last year, with me drinking the same delicious cider.

And two other restaurants we tried, but did not take any pictures were as follows:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings - The Sports bar chain with the TV ads. The wings were pretty good but the ribs were not.
  • Carrabbas Italian Grill – This was a little more up scale. The Italian food seemed to be made fresh. The lasagna I had was one of the best I have had in a while; freshly made, fresh ingredients….very tasty.

So, if you are going to South Bend / Mishawaka any time soon and are looking for some restaurants to try, if you have not tried any of the above which we liked, you just might want to.

Can I go back to Rocco’s for another pizza, please?! icon smile South Bend Resturants

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  2. Tony Stancati says:

    A long time ND fan and former South Bend resident. Could not agree more about Rocco’s Pizza. Lived 5 blocks from the place as a kid and the place does nothing but improve in food quality and service.

    For more Italian try the traditional Notre Dame favorite Sunny Italy Restaurant on Niles Avenue. Like Rocco’s it has been around for many years and I still go back ever when I get to South Bend.

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