Sealing Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

Yesterday I showed you the broken vent register in the ceiling of our basement bathroom. In that article I sows how there was much air leakage between the metal duct and the vent boot which would have to be first addressed to stop air leak of heated (in the winter) and air conditioned cooled (in the summer) air to save money on my utility bills.

So, the first thing I did was to remove the existing broken register.

hanging broken vent register Sealing Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

Now, notice if you can in the above picture, how the broken register was installed, by metal wires hanging from inside the vent boot. If I use the same approach it will leave air leaks that I cannot prevent. This is because the wires are connected to the inside of the register preventing it from closing.

So, note to self: use a different technique to set the replacement register in the drop ceiling heating vent.

OK, once the broken register was removed I then proceeded to use metallic duct tape to seal the air leaks. For comparative purposes, here is the picture showing the excess space hear the top between the duct, on the outside, and the vent boot on the inside.

basement bathroom ceiling vent boot air leaks Sealing Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

As you can see from the picture below, I started with the top of the outside of the vent boot.

basement bathroom ceiling vent taping Sealing Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

I used the metallic type of duct tape for the job.

basement bathroom ceiling vent sealed Sealing Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

I then even applied some of the duct tape along the tape within the inside of the vent boot as pictured below:

inside ceiling vent Sealing Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent Air Leaks

Sure, I likely put more duct tape than I needed. However, I really don’t like doing tasks like this so I wanted to ensure I didn’t have to re-do it later.

Next, I need to figure out how to place a new working register into the ceiling vent such that I could actually close the vent and not have the air from the furnace or air conditioner, depending on the season, leak out and waste money.

Select this link to see how I place and seal the new register in the ceiling vent.

I do not want my energy saving efforts to waste away. Rather, I want my energy saving efforts to save me money.

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  1. GetGreener says:

    I have found a replacement bathroom ventilation fan from the Larson Fan Company that has a true damper built in. It does a great job with keeping the warm air in during the winter and hot, humid air out in summer reducing my utility bills, especially when air conditioning is being used. You can find this product on line.

  2. Gasket says:

    You have demonstrated every steps very minutely which have helped me to understand the mechanism very correctly. Also the pictures which you have attached with your post also helped me great deal.

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