Installing Ceiling Air Register

Last time I showed how I used duct tape to seal the air leaks between the duct and the vent boot in our basement bathroom ceiling.

But how to install the register such that it could close completely and stop heated air from entering the bathroom when it is not being used?

The register I used was the grey plastic air register which had been in our basement’s recreation area for the vent from our solar air heater before I replaced it with a directional vent register.

Now, the hole which had been cut in the drop ceiling tile for the vent was cut a little too large.

inside ceiling vent Installing Ceiling Air Register

The result is that I could not simply place screws through the holes at either end of the register because there would be nothing for the screws to enter except the space of the vent boot.

What I decided to do was to drill a hole at either end within the lower part of the vent boot. Why? Well, because I was going to hang the vent register with two of these:

christmas decoration hangers Installing Ceiling Air Register

Recognize them? Sure. They are nothing more than the same hooks one uses to hang decorations and ornaments on a Christmas Tree! icon smile Installing Ceiling Air Register

You see, the prior installation used wire hanging from up inside the vent to hold the register in place. However, this wire was connected to the inside of the vent register, preventing it from closing.

basement drop ceiling vent hooks Installing Ceiling Air Register

What I am doing is placing these hooks on the outside of the vent register allowing it to fully close when I want no heated air to enter the bathroom (because no one is home to use it). Big difference. You can see one of these Christmas decoration hooks in place at either end of the vent opening in the above picture.

basement bathroom ceiling vent register hanging Installing Ceiling Air Register

Next, I put the vent register in place by placing each of the hooks through the small hole at ether end.

To raise the register in place I simply raised each hook and twisted the metal to hold it in place, as shown below.

basement bathroom ceiling plastic vent Installing Ceiling Air Register

So, am I done?

Nope; select this link to continue with this home renovation energy savings series where we seal the air leaks in this heating vent.

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