Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent

In an effort to achieve maximum energy savings, one must look for opportunities; by opportunities, I am referring to air leaks which can be sealed.

Our basement is around 90% finished thanks to the prior owners. However, as we have written about numerous times, when it comes to energy savings and energy conservation, they left us with a lot of opportunities. I just need to look to find them.

Here is one.

basement bathroom ceiling vent Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent

The above picture is of the ceiling two piece bathroom in our basement. It is hardly used. In fact, it is not used at all unless our university daughter is home for holidays, weekend, etc. So, I never have reason to go into it.

However, do you see the vent within the ceiling in the upper right of the above picture? Don’t see anything wrong?

broken basement bathroom ceiling vent Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent

What about now? Immediately above is a picture of the vent register. Not only is it wide open, it is broken. So, in its current state it is impossible for me to block the heated air in the winter and the cooled air conditioned air in the summer from entering the room that is hardly used. This waste of heated air and cooled air is costing me money.

But wait, there’s more. Even if the vent register was not broken and could be closed when no one is using the bathroom, there is still a big problem. Remember the iceberg which hit the Titanic? Icebergs are 90%-ish below the water line. So, what you see isn’t always what you get.

basement bathroom ceiling vent boot Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent

I slide back the ceiling tile to the right of the vent opening and above is a picture of the vent book. On the right you can see that there is a lot of space between the metal duct and the vent boot on the inside.

basement bathroom ceiling vent boot air leaks Basement Bathroom Ceiling Vent

And, in this third picture you can see that the metal vent on both sides of the upper part of the vent boot has lots of space for heated air in the winter (and cooled air conditioned air in the summer) to escape and never make it to the vent register, let alone into the bathroom.

So, I have my work cut out for me. Yet, another basement air vent needing repair above and below the ceiling. At least this time, this area of our basement was finished with a drop ceiling.

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