Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pre-Game Warm Ups

The past several days we have written about the Notre Dame Marching Band concert at the steps of Bond Hall, about their entrance and music played inside Notre Dame Stadium prior to the Fighting Irish home football game, and about the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band playing at the foot of the Main Administration building (the one with the Golden Dome of Our Lady) all during home game day activities.

In these articles there were a few pictures as well as numerous video clips.

Today I thought I would present a few pictures and videos taken from Section 111 (around the 30 yard line) of the players during their pre-game warm ups.

 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pre Game Warm Ups

To me, seeing the player warm ups is all part of any football or baseball or ice hockey game experience.

 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pre Game Warm Ups

First is a video showing only some of the football team players in the stadium stretching, etc.

Why only a few?

Well this year, Brian Kelly (in his first year as the curent Head Football Coach of the Fighting Irish) changed a few things. One of the changes was to have the players not enter Notre Dame Stadium through the tunnel for pre-game warm ups.

Instead, as you can see from the video below, he had the players enter the stadium through the student seating sections. After all, they are students themselves.

Seeing this was actually pretty cool. I only worry about the players tripping on the steps in their cleats.

This last video shows all of the Irish football players in some of their pre-game warm up routines.

Curious on how this pre-game warm up routine differs from the pre-game warm up routine of the previous Irish Head Football Coach, Charlie Weis? Well, wonder no more. Below is a video clip we took last year during our first ever visit to South Bend.


In a few days I’ll write another article on our South Bend and Notre Dame experience this fall.

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