Floor Surface Leveling Issue

Last time, we looked at the approach in dealing with the area of the new tiled floor into which the tile insert will be laid.

This time, we examine an issue with the prepared floor surface.

The issue is not that the surface was inadequately prepared.

The issue is that just a few inches away from the wall in the front foyer there is a protruding ridge, one likely caused by a main support beam.

Remember that as each tile is laid a level is used to ensure that the tile itself is level as well as the surface of all of the newly laid tiles.

 Floor Surface Leveling Issue

Well, as the tiles are laid away from the front foyer wall and their level checked, it ends up that they have to be taken up and more concrete mixture added to make them level.

Look at the floor tile in the lower left area of the above picture. Here is a closeup of it in the picture immediately below.

 Floor Surface Leveling Issue 

Look at all that concrete mixture upon which the tile is resting. I know it is a little blurry, but that is a lot of concrete mixture beneath it.

They had to use so much extra of the concrete mixture that while they brought enough for both front hall and adjoining laundry room floors, they used just about all of it up just for the tiles which were laid the first day as shown in the picture below.

 Floor Surface Leveling Issue 

Yet, any job worth doing is worth doing well, right?

As well, they were concerned that with the size of these tiles, 24 inches by 24 inches, that they may be too heavy when laid on wet concrete mixture in excess of the typical amount.

So, they decided to use up the rest of the unused concrete mixture on the first part of the laundry room floor, and then return tomorrow and place more of the concrete mixture again on certain areas of the untiled surface. This meant a delay by a full day in the project.

Time, money and patience. You need all three for any successful home renovation project.

To continue to the next article in this floor tiling home renovation series, simply select this link to the floor leveling with excess concrete step.

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