Preparing The Front Hall Floor for Tiles – Part 2

In our continuing series about our front hallway and adjoining laundry room floor tiling project, we reviewed the filling of the sub floor gaps by the stairs, laundry room and living room caused by the previously floors use of narrow yet thick marble inserts.

Today we continue with the front hall floor’s preparation for new tile.

The next step to prepare the floor was of course to screw down the double narrow plywood inserts at the living room, stairs and kitchen areas.

 Preparing The Front Hall Floor for Tiles   Part 2

Now, look at all the screws which were used in most parts of the hallway plywood sub floor in the picture below.

 Preparing The Front Hall Floor for Tiles   Part 2

However, there are sill in some areas squeaks when you walk on it were insufficient screws were used as in the example picture below. So, these areas of the hallway floor also had more screws inserted to remove the squeaking noise.

 Preparing The Front Hall Floor for Tiles   Part 2

There was an additional reason why the Bill, one of the installation contractors, placed screws into the existing / original 1/2 inch plywood sub floor in the hallway. As he told me, for what ever reason, the installer some 20+ years ago used drywall screws to hold the plywood sheets in place. Drywall screws are meant for, well, drywall. They are not meant for installing plywood sub-floor. So, proper screws were inserted to ensure that the plywood sub-floor would be kept in place and squeak free.

As far as screwing in the double 1/4 inch plywood inserts by the edge of the living room, laundry room and basement stairway one more step was done before inserting the screws. A check was done for any nail pops in these three areas and, yes, there were some 23 year old nails sticking out from the original sub floor in that area. So, these were hammered back into place.

Then these double 1/4 inch plywood inserts were screwed into place.

Once done, the sub floors in both the front foyer and adjoining laundry room are ready for the wire mesh which will help support the new tiles.

Select this link to continue to the next article in this home renovation floor tiling project series where the metal screen is installed to support the oversized floor tiles.

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  1. Eckhard says:

    This is laid out very extremely and it is possible to see from the high quality, that it has been researched and thought out quite well. I’ve bookmarked it and am going to forward it to others that i know will likely be quite interested in the facts. My father is in this industry, he’ll love the way you laid out the facts, I’ve sent him your link. I’ve alos posted a permanent link on my web site for other to discover this. It’s tough for any person to disagree with this, the information is fantastically put together.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks very much, Eckhard. We are thinking of putting all of the artricles in this series in a ‘How To Install Floor Tile’ summary article.

  2. Barbara says:

    Great post. You have explained the process very well. Thank you for sharing.

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