Ontario microFIT Conditional Contracts Released En Masse?

It has been about 6 weeks since I submitted my microFIT application on-line back towards the end of July.

I have not received my conditional contract yet.

The clock for the 40% Ontario content until 12-31-2010, rising to 60% Ontario content 01-01-2011 is ticking.

And, I am not going to commit money to any installer until I have a conditional contract in hand.

So, being the curious fellow that I can be at times, this past Friday (two days ago) I called up the OPA’s microFIT Program Call Center phone number available on their web site: 1-888-387-3403.

The response I received surprised me.

Now, I could be mistaken and may not have heard them correctly.

However, the person at the other end of the phone indicated it was his understanding that there were literally hundreds of conditional contracts waiting to be released en masse in ‘two or three weeks’.

The ‘two or three weeks’ does fall in with the previously communicated expectation that due to the large number of ground installation submissions those who had submitted July onwards could expect to not receive their conditional contracts until the end of September.

However, I was surprised that my interpretation of what I was told is that conditional contracts already approved were being held back and only released in one fell swoop.

That surprised me.

I thought it was first come first serve, even for us root top installation submissions.

Can you imagine the hundreds of people across Ontario who will be scrambling to commit to an installation vendor, those installation vendors not just ordering all of the solar panels and hardware at the same time.

What is worse is imagine the skilled installation employees. There are not unlimited.

I do fear that taking this approach will mean that many folks like myself waiting now almost two months for a conditional contract will not be able to have their microFIT installation commissioned in the 3 months between the end of September and New Year’s Eve, which again is the critical date at present for when the percentage of Ontario content rises from 40% to 60% and with it the cost.

If the OPA does not extend the 01-01-2011 date for the rise to 60% Ontario content, this could be a mad scramble and many people such as myself being left out or having to pay for the more costly Ontario installation hardware.

I hope I am wrong, but I am concerned.

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