Floor Tiling Project Begins

Today we begin with the first article in a new home renovation series.

This time we have a more traditional floor tile project in some senses from our previous SnapStone floor tile project yet just a little more modern floor tile project in some other senses.

And, when I say ‘we’, I am referring to the use of a flooring retailer who provides installation services. I will not be performing this home renovation project myself.

In this home renovation project, we are:

  • removing the existing floor tile in the front foyer
  • installing 24 inch by 24 inch porcelain floor tile in the front foyer and the adjoining laundry room

When we purchased this house 3 years ago we fully intended to include replacing the tile in the front hallway. Yet, sadly, we ran out of all three things needed yet typically in short supply with any major home reno project: time, money and patience!

Here is the starting point, or as consultants like to say the current state.

 Floor Tiling Project Begins

In this first picture we see the original 23 year old tile in the front foyer. You can see that there will be the curve of the stairway banister to contend with.

 Floor Tiling Project Begins

As well, there is the adjoining laundry room which you can see in the above picture taken from the living room on the opposite side of the front hallway.

 Floor Tiling Project Begins

Notice the existing linoleum flooring in the laundry room, which causes a 1/2 inch gap shown in the above picture between the height of the lower laundry room floor and that of the higher front hallway. This height difference will be gone once the project to tile both the front foyer and the laundry room is complete.

See that small square brownish piece to the left of the marble edge in the above picture? That was a temporary patch we inserted. When we first took procession of the house three years ago we needed to widen the doorway to a full 36 inches. So, the result was a gap in the existing marble edge which we temporarily filled with a piece of left over tile from the bathroom renovation project. How long is ‘temporary’?  In our case, three years!

When they installer prepares the laundry room floor they will also need to deal with a large area by the wall opposite the washer / dryer which has a constant squeak.

As well, notice in the picture below the good 2+ inches of difference between the height of the current laundry room floor and the top of the doorway entrance into the garage. This does cause a significant effort for our special needs family member with a physical disability to pass through the door way using her walker.

 Floor Tiling Project Begins

Sure, using floor tiles will raise the height of the laundry room floor so it is flush with the height of the front hallway floor. Yet, hopefully the installers will be able to do something to reduce the height difference in the laundry room by the garage doorway even more. We will see.

Select this link to continue to the first step in this home renovation project, that being the existing original floor tiles in the front foyer are removed.

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