Notre Dame Football Season Tickets

Last week I wrote about the pair of Notre Dame football tickets I purchased for the home game against the Stanford Cardinals from the Notre Dame Ticket Office as part of its ‘friends of ND’ sale back in July.

Well, just a few days ago I obtained another pair from Don, a season ticket holder out in California, for the same game vs Stanford. Don is not able to attend that game and his seats are near the 30 yard line vs the tickets we originally purchased which were in the end zone.

Now, why am I writing about this?

Well what I didn’t know (one of those minor factoids icon wink Notre Dame Football Season Tickets ), was that the season ticket holders for Notre Dame home football games receive different looking tickets from those which non season ticket and other special folks receive.

Here once again is the pair of tickets we purchased which are in the end zone only a few rows from the very top of Notre Dame Stadium (which some call the ‘House that Rock’ built, as a tribute to Knute Rockne the legendary student and then football coach of the Fighting Irish):

 Notre Dame Football Season Tickets

The background of these tickets has a faint picture of the Golden Dome, which is the Main Administration building on the University’s campus, taken across one of the two lakes, Lake Mary or Lake Joseph.

Compare, if you will, to the picture below which are the pair we received for the same game from Don, the season ticket holder:

 Notre Dame Football Season Tickets

Notice the very attractive colour background. If I remember correctly this is what you actually what you see when you are entering Gate E in the stadium. Very cool! icon smile Notre Dame Football Season Tickets I’ll have to check for sure when we, Harvey and I, are there in less than a month from now for the football game.

Here is a picture I took inside one of the stadium gates last year, albeit from a different angle and a little further away, for comparison.

 Notre Dame Football Season Tickets

Looks pretty similar, don’t you think?

So, are both sets real tickets?

Well to be sure I called the Notre Dame ticket office in South Bend.

They said that yes, there is a difference in the tickets but both are real.

Apparently, they use a printing establishment located in Arkansas (surprised why not one in Indiana where South Bend is located … I should have asked) for season tickets and other special tickets.Whereas for the rest they are printed right within the ticket office itself.

 Notre Dame Football Season Tickets

Above is a comparison of the two different types of tickets for the same football game. Yes, if you are a die hard Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan, both sets would be nice souvenirs; however, I know which set I would prefer. icon smile Notre Dame Football Season Tickets

Now, what to do with the original tickets? I already have some feelers sent out to folks who may be interested.


Post Script: After I wrote the above article I was able to find someone who could use the tickets, a current Notre Dame graduate student who wanted the pair for his parents.

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