Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series

We had a water leak in our finished basement.

One winter during a thaw, clear water entered one of our finished basement bedrooms.

It took us a while to discover the cause; a crack in our home’s foundation wall.

From the outside it looked like this in the picture below:

crack in foundation wall exterior Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series

From the inside, that same foundation wall crack looked like this after the drywall, insulation, etc. was stripped away and before it was repaired:

 Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series

The past month or so has seen us written a multi-article series on the discovery and repair of our basement foundation wall crack by Clarke Basement Systems in the Greater Toronto Area, a franchise of the Basement Systems network in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and most recently Ireland.

We were extremely impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and expertise by each of the Clarke Basement Systems, specifically Fiona, Roy and Fitz. Here is a picture of the urethane based FlexiSpan crack repair to the foundation wall crack appeared as it was being finished before new insulation, the vapour barrier and drywall patch was applied:

 Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series

I cannot give them a higher recommendation to you than giving you their phone number should you be in the GTA or surrounding area and have a similar situation. You can contact them via their web site, linked above, or by calling their direct toll free phone number:


Sure tell them that ‘Dan sent me’ and that you expect the same degree of expertise for your situation as we received and described here at, even if it is only for a free quote. Of course, I’m sure they would even if you didn’t mention us!

 Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series

If you are not in the Greater Toronto Area, then yes, I do recommend you contact your local Basement Systems franchise as they use the same techniques and products, again telling them you expect the same service we described on our site. icon smile Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series If they do not know our web site, tell them so they can see for themselves what you expect. You can access here the global Basement Systems web site to locate your nearest franchisee.

Now, as has become our custom with our past home renovation or home energy conservation projects, we like to provide you a complete listing of each article in the series. That way you can to directly to the article of most interest to you. So, below you will find just that.

If you do have a water leak or any kind of basement problem which needs fixing, call these guys for a free quote. At least you you will know from their experience the issue and the fix.

Back To Reality – Home Basement Water Leak

Home Foundation Wall Crack Found

Confirming Water Leak Cause

Locating Foundation Wall Inside Crack

Inadequate Drainage

Creating a Backup Dry Well

Applying Basement System FlexiSpan System

Completing FlexiSpan Repair System

Using Clean Space Waterproof Membrane

Installing CactusBoard

Sealing Basement Floor Opening

Starting Drywall Hole Repair

Applying Drywall Patch

Sealing Outside Foundation Crack

Applying Drywall Compound and Tape

Sanding and Priming, Twice

Painting Two Coast on Prepared Drywall Patch

Preparing Floor for Carpet

Baseboard Trim Almost In Place

Foundation Wall Crack Repair Project Complete

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    Very nice article…I live in texas where people have major foundation problems. This could be a big help.

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