Inadequate Drainage

Yesterday we showed the process by which the crack through which water had leaked into our basement had been located on the inside of our basement bedroom.

Today we review the initial part of the solution.

And, it was not applying the fix to the foundation wall crack.

The first step which Fitz, from Clarke Basement Systems, proceed to do was to drill a small opening in the poured concrete floor directly beneath the crack in the foundation wall.

using jack hammer Inadequate Drainage

In the above picture you can see Fitz using a jack hammer to break up a small part of the concrete floor.


Well, the FlexiSpan system is designed to prevent future water leaks. However, as part of the solution, in case any water does come through the first part of the FlexiSpan system, it is designed to cause such remote water leak to flow down into a backup drainage and not onto the cement floor.

In order for this to occur, the backup drainage needs to be installed underneath the concrete floor.

 Inadequate Drainage

Once the small area of concrete was broken, Fitz proceeded to remove the resultant debris. What he found surprised him.

What he expected to find is the bed of gravel which is standard to be underneath a concrete basement floor. Instead, this is what he found:

 Inadequate Drainage

Yes, he found only dirt. Well, at least it was not clay which has no drainage properties at all.

So, Fitz then proceeded to test the drainage. He took a small bucket and filled it with water.

 Inadequate Drainage

He then proceeded to pour the water into the hole he just made directly beneath the foundation wall crack. If there was sufficient drainage the water should fully disappear within 10 seconds.

 Inadequate Drainage

It did not fully disappear as you can see in the above picture taken about 25 seconds after the water was poured into the hole.

We did not have sufficient natural drainage as the backup in the remote possibility that water would come through the crack in the foundation wall in the future after the application of the FlexiSpan repair.


The repair project just became more complicated.

Select this link to see the details of the dry well created for our situation.

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