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Yesterday I described the basement water leak which occurred two winters ago and my own trepidation and nervousness surrounding a basement leak renovation.

During the intervening two years the water leak had not reoccurred; lucky for us, actually.

Yet, it took all this time for me to finally locate what I thought was the cause.

Remember, the area of the leak in our basement was finished, so I could not see the foundation wall from the inside to locate possible cracks through with the water from the melting snow had entered the basement.

 Home Foundation Wall Crack

Then, when I was mowing the lawn several weeks ago (yes, using my solar charged electric lawn mower icon smile Home Foundation Wall Crack ) I came across this:

foundation wall crack Home Foundation Wall Crack

Do you see it? Look behind the central air conditioner. You will see a crack towards the bottom of the poured concrete foundation wall. Well this crack also continued up between the vertical part of the foundation wall and the adjacent brick. Here is a close-up picture below so you can see better:

crack in foundation wall exterior Home Foundation Wall Crack

Now that I had found what I thought was the cause of the leak, I figured that simply applying some type of caulking on the crack would not do anything; likely the foundation wall crack did not stop at the ground but continued down beneath the ground.

So, I called up Fiona of Clarke Basement Systems, the same company who last year installed my SaniDry dehumidifier. Basement Systems has been a long time advertiser on DailyHomeRenoTips.com. So some might say it was time to eat my own dog food. icon wink Home Foundation Wall Crack

Basement Systems’ forte is cracks and foundation repairs, restoration of leaks and crawl spaces, basement water proofing as well as basement finishing; I needed a total approach for all of these services because of the finished interior of the basement area. After all, fixing a crack in a foundation wall is not just applying a tube of caulking; at least I didn’t think it was.

I loath re-work. You may have guessed this from my experience with having to replace the poorly installed floor in our en suite shower which caused a water leak a couple of years ago. So it was good to get the pro’s who do this every day because I do not.

In a few days, Fiona had Roy Warren come over to our home, investigate our situation and give us a recommendation.

After looking around the outside of the house as well as of course inside, Roy agreed that the source of the water leak in our basement bedroom was indeed that crack in our foundation wall by the central air conditioning unit. Two approaches were possible.

One approach was to fix the leak from the outside, requiring dealing with removing the central air conditioner unit, digging away the ground all the way down to the base of the foundation wall, and so on.

The other approach was to fix the leak from the inside.  This would require:

  • cutting away the drywall at the location of the foundation wall crack,
  • applying Basement System’s FlexiSpan crack repair method together with what they call a CactusBoard wall drainage flange should a leak occur in the future
  • replacing the drywall and applying the first coat of drywall compound

We will take a detailed look at the FlexiSpan crack repair method as well as the CactusBoard wall drainage flange in future articles on this home repair project. However, if you are curious about what these are all about and cannot wait for the next few articles over the next few days, then you can learn more about this approach here on the Clarke Basement Systems web site.

Did I mention that the quote from Roy of Clarke Basement Systems came with not a 5 year, not a 10 year but a 20 year warranty! It said so right on the written quote I received from Roy.

The cost? The quoted cost of all this was $708.75. I was surprised it was so little, especially for the peace of mind it would give me going forward.

So, I asked Roy and Fiona to go ahead and book me the appointment.

Select this link to continue to where we introduce you to Fitz at the beginning of the repair to our home’s foundation wall crack causing the water leak.

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