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And what a World Cup it was.  A month or so of outstanding soccer. Various story lines with unplanned events. One of the best reality television events, sporting or otherwise.

Well, now that the World Cup is over, back to my reality, complete with its unplanned events.

My reality is a water leak in my home’s basement. icon sad Back To Reality   Home Basement Leak

I dread house basement water leaks. For one, it will significantly make it harder to sell the house. Think about it; how would you react if when buying a new home you go into the basement and see a crack in the foundation wall?

As well, most people do not deal with basement leaks every day. I have only had to deal with a house basement leak in the past when, in one of our prior homes, there was the rain storm of the century (or so we were told) and the basement in all of the homes within our neighbourhood were flooded from a sewer backup. Oh yuk?

A month later, after using a wet vac rental to minimize the damage, going through the insurance adjusters, dealing with contractors to get rid of the now damaged carpet and drywall, refinishing the finished part of the basement (including my home office), and so on, it was not something which I wanted to deal with ever again in my life.

Yet, here we were once again. However, the fear of the unknown can also be a bit paralyzing.

What caused the home basement leak this time? Will it ever leak again? How much time and effort and my money will go into fixing the water leak in our basement? How will the leak be fixed? What is the best approach? Will it be fixed for good or will it re-leak? How much mess will be created for me to clean up after the water leak in our basement is fixed, however it is fixed? How much will it cost me of my money to fix the leak?

Did I mention how much will it cost me? icon wink Back To Reality   Home Basement Leak

For us, the reality event actually occurred two winters ago. That was the winter where we had a ton (or so it seemed) of snow. On a sunny mild day in the middle of that winter I went out to the store for just a few minutes, only to return to have my wife inform me that there was a water leak in one of our home’s basement bedroom.

I went down there only to see that my wife had already pulled back the corner of the wet carpet from underneath the baseboard exposing the poured concrete floor. This was in the area of the basement against an exterior wall.

First, at least it was clear, clean water, which meant that it was not due to a sewer backup.

 Back To Reality   Home Basement Leak

Next, we checked the walls to see if there was any water damage on the drywall. Nope; the walls were, as they say, high and dry. Even the wall by the above ground finished basement window shown in the picture below exhibited no signs of water damage or water.

above ground finished basement window Back To Reality   Home Basement Leak

But, did that mean that there was a crack in the poured concrete foundation? I mean, how could the walls be dry if there was a water leak due to the melting of the large amount of snow outside the house. Well, I couldn’t find any place where the water was entering the floor of the basement.

After a day or two the carpet had dried with no water stains at all, and I simply pushed back the carpet as best I could up against the baseboard. I could not get it underneath the baseboard without first removing the 8 foot long baseboard so for now I left it as you see here.

area of basement water leak Back To Reality   Home Basement Leak

I waited to see if the leak would re-occur.

It did not.

Two years went by and no water leak.

Two years went by and I did nothing do fix the leak because I could not find the source of the clean water into that one area of the basement.

Two sets of winters, springs, summers and falls, each with their own amount of heavy rains and snows, and then melting snows; still no water leak.

However, every time I would go into that bedroom I would see that carpet pushed up against, not underneath, the baseboard and be reminded that eventually I would need to do something at some point. And, the longer I waited, even though I have a fear of the unknown, the chances were that the leak would happen again.

And, knowing my luck, the amount of water would be more and would cause some damage.

As well, I was concerned about possible mold occurring from wherever the water had entered the basement behind the scenes.

Two years later I finally found what I thought was the source of the water leak.

And, to set your expectations, this is the first of a multi-part series of articles which will run well into August; there is a lot to tell.

Next we look at the source of our basement water leak which is very common in homes, and the strategy to eliminate it.

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