Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

In the spring we write articles about our experiences in Walt Disney World, including the Walt Disney World Buses, Disney World Dining Plans and of disability access in the Theme Parks and accommodations.

During our week in the Mouse House I took a lot of pictures which, so far, I only viewed on my computer.

So a couple of weeks ago I broke down and shopped for a digital picture frame for my daughter so she could see them.

I also purchases the same one for my self so I could see these pictures in my office as well as those from some of my past vacations as well as my other daughter’s recent college graduation.

The model we purchased was the PanDigital 8 inch digital photo frame. It was on sale a Black’s Camera Store.  I like sales. icon smile Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

 Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

This model, with a 1 year warranty, was recommended to use because of its ease of setup and use. I like easy. icon smile Pandigital Digital Picture Frame   It comes with 1 gigabyte of internal memory which can store several thousand pictures. It has touch-screen ability for navigation or the remote control.

How do you load the digital pictures? Well there are several options including WiFi connection, a USB cable (provided) between your PC and the PanDigital unit or a flash card (not included) you can see the packaging for the 2 gigabyte flash card and the flash card reader I also purchased in the above picture. To try things out I used the flash card method for my daughter’s unit and the USB connection for mine. Both worked fine.

 Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

It comes with three different mats, the USB cable, a paper manual, a mini-CD also with the manual, etc. as you can see in the above picture of the box’s contents. The first thing you do is to attach the clear plastic stand extension on the back which was not hard.

 Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

Then, after plugging the digital picture frame into the outlet you simply load the pictures; either method was pretty easy.

So, how did the pictures turn out?

Well, pretty good.

 Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

The good is that they display crisply and sharp. I’m quite please with that. The pictures of the Grotto at the University of Notre Dame campus (above)  or the close-up picture of the statue of St. Mary on top of the Golden Dome (below) look quite clear.

 Pandigital Digital Picture Frame

You do have to be careful on one thing, though.

The factory delivered defaults sees the frame attempt to fill the width of the picture. This caused many pictures to be cut off at the top and bottom because they were taken with the camera tilted at a 90 degree angle. It took a while but I learned through trial and error to turn this feature off which allowed me to see all the area of each picture.

The PanDigital digital picture frame is quite good with a lot of features which I have not mentioned or started to use. I just can’t figure out how to put it in sleep mode at night, rather than turning it off to save electricity.

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