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We have written a few times about the PowerCost Monitor, the electricity consumption measuring device which helps us save money by providing real time usage information on the amount of electricity we consume. With this real time information we adjust the amount of electricity we are wasting by leaving lights on in rooms where no one is around, leaving video games and entertainment systems on when no one is playing or watching, etc.

Well, Blue Line Innovations is having their own “Energy Saving Tip” contest with the prize being, yes, your very own free PowerCost Monitor. Here is the information from the official contest rules:

“The contest encourages willing participants to develop a short video of an energy saving idea they have, upload it to YouTube and submit the link to

The top 5 videos will win a PowerCost Monitor as decided by voters who view and comment on their favorite submission. The voter will be asked to e-mail their favorite video through the following channels:

Winners will be announced one week from the contest end date August 16, 2010. Subject to change based on response rate of contestants. The submission end date for video clips is final and no submission will be accepted after August 9, 2010.”

You can enter as many times as you want which is pretty cool (and, anything ‘cool’ in a heat wave is pretty, well, neat icon wink Energy Saving Tip Contest ).

Access the details of this timely contest ending August 9, 2010 here:

With home electricity bills rising due to the summer heat and humidity, I am sure you know of lots of ways to reduce your home’s electricity consumption. Or, if you have winter on your mind you can enter ways to reduce your heating bill in the winter.

If you can’t think of any ways to reduce energy consumption, you can access our own free Energy Savings page which contains:

  • 115+ electricity conservation tips,
  • 110+ home heating savings ideas,
  • 80+ home cooling savings suggestions,
  • ….. and more.

Good luck to all!

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