Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Last year three situations resonated with me regarding U.S. Patriotism during my first ever visit to the University of Notre Dame.

The first was the trip during the week to see the (now) Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks play the Vancouver Canucks at the Madhouse on Madison.

When they played the Star Spangled Banner, it seemed like the entire 19,000 or so inside the arena were singing. And, not just singing, but singing with a passion which was quite something to see. We received the tickets for free from an un-named person who frequented the NDNation.com web site for Notre Dame fans, alumn’s and, like me, a subway alumn. What a kind gesture by someone who didn’t even know anything about me other than I was a fan, like him of the Fighting Irish and was visiting South Bend for the first time. Wow!

The second was just before the start of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Boston College Eagles football game in Notre Dame Stadium.

notre dame bc pre game 19 Happy Independence Day!

The raising of Old Glory by the Irish Guard (if you look closely you can see a few of them in the pictures above and below) inside the football stadium was very moving for me. At the top center of the picture below you can see a flash of light from a camera by a person taking the same picture from their seat on the opposite side at the same time I was taking mine!

notre dame bc pre game 20 Happy Independence Day!

Seeing the flag raised amongst 80,000+ people was quite something. They don’t show it as part of the Notre Dame television broadcasts. In fact, it would be a great idea I think for NBC, the network currently televising Notre Dame football, to show different parts of the many, many different pre-game festivities around the campus, especially for those who have never been in person. I wrote about what we experienced with lots of pictures and some videos last year if you are interested here in our Notre Dame Football Game Day article. I can’t wait to experience it again this year. We’ll be there for the game against Stanford. If you are reading this and also will be going to the Stanford game, feel free to drop me a line.

The third was at the end of the game. Sure, as a fan it was great that the Irish won. What I found personally moving was very simple.

notre dame bc 5th quarter 05 Happy Independence Day!

As I looked up at the scoreboard in the darkness of the night there, beside it, was Old Glory waving gently in the breeze. It was a moving picture for me.

So, Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

Until tomorrow.

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