Weed B Gon Review – One Week Later

Yesterday we wrote a review about our use of Scotts EcoSense PathClear, a spot weed control application to deal with grass and weeds on patios, driveway edges, etc.

In the past week we have written two articles about the new environmentally adherent product from Scotts called EcoSense Weed B Gon which is a spot treatment for a variety of common weeds on residential lawns.

We wrote about the Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon when we first received and applied the product to dandelion and other weeds in our lawn a week ago.

Then, the next day, we provided a review of the EcoSense Weed B Gon product by showing before and after pictures to illustrate the effect it was having for us after only 24 hours.

weed be gon ready Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Now, a full week has gone by and we thought we would finish our experience with this selective weed control product by showing you one more time before and after pictures over several days.

Do we like the product, which passes current environmental lawn in the Greater Toronto Area? A resounding yes.

Do we recommend the product for spot treatment of common weeds in your lawn? Again, yes.

So what follows are two series of pictures over the course of several days after applying this new product. Remember, the Weed B Gon product in the United States follows a very different formula.

Here, the version of the product available in Ontario uses iron as its primary element to, in my words, choke the root of the weed and thus cause the entire plant to perish.

This first set is of the weed in the gap between the edge of the driveway and the stone border for one of our front gardens.

First, immediately after applying the EcoSense Weed B Gon product:

weed be gon applied 2 Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Next, 24 hours later:

weed b gon one hour later Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Now 4 days after the initial application:

weed b gon impact 4 days later Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Finally 5 days after the initial application:

weed b gon impact 5 days later Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

This next series of pictures shows the impact of Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon product on another weed, this time one at the edge of the east side of our driveway. While you can see the same result of this week compared to the series of pictures above, here you can see the effect on the grass around the weed.

First, immediately after applying the EcoSense Weed B Gon product:

weed be gon applied to weed in lawn edge Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Next, 24 hours later:

weed b gon one hour later on side of lawn Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Now 4 days after the initial application:

ecosense weed b gon impact 4 days later Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Finally 5 days after the initial application where it can barely be seen:

scotts ecosense weed b gon impact 5 days later Weed B Gon Review   One Week Later

Notice how the grass becomes darker in colour.

Remember, do check the product labeling for the correct application situation; e.g. not on newly seeded grass, etc.

I hope our experience with Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon product helps you to decide if it is right for you battle your lawn’s weeds.

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  1. Glenn Martin says:

     Thanks for all the great posts and photos on Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon.  We are really proud of this product so I am glad you are enjoying it.  Your latest article mentioned you noticed some of the grass darkening around the areas you sprayed.  I wanted to let you know this is just temporary.  The grass will return to its usual green colour within a few days. Thanks again for the support! Glenn MartinScotts Canada   

  2. Jennifer Alexander says:

    Hi there! Thanks so much for the great information!!! We live in Ontario and just bought this product today. Glad to see that it works so well so maybe I can get control over the backyard again!

  3. Dan says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    It worked very well for us, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for visiting our site!


  4. Mike says:

    I would really like to know if this product would be effective in killing poison ivy. On the sides of our lawn we have quite the infestation, and I want to start attacking it with something other than roundup…

  5. Dan says:

    Hi Mike,

    The product information I received did not specify Poison Ivy.

    I will also add, that since this type of vegetation can be harmful, I would recommend you do not hesitate to get a profession involved to deal with this issue. I know it will cost more but at least it will irradicate your issue.


  6. Mike says:

    Dan, how about I periodically do an attack campaign throughout this summer/fall with roundup, and then hope that by next year, all those left over oil would have bio-degraded…

  7. Dan says:

    I don’t know, Mike.

    I’d rather see you call in a professional to deal with your poison ivy. Get it done right the first time.


  8. Sarah Nichol says:

    Does the product work on wild violets?

  9. Dan says:

    Hi Sarah,

    From the listing on the prior article (http://dailyhomerenotips.com/2010/06/01/getting-rid-of-all-the-weeds-scotts-ecosense-pathclear-review/) I see wild carrot (never knew there was such a thing :) ) but wild viotets are not mentioned.


  10. Mike says:

    If RoundUp kills the entire plant with roots and all, and if the left over poisonous oils and juices wash away in rain and biodegrades through organisms in the soil, and that the anti RoundUp movement fails to back up their claims with anything substantial, then what is the argument against using this method?

    Do the poisonous juices/oils perhaps not biodegrade?
    All the information about all this on every single website is all so darn incomplete, not thorough, and so wishy washy.
    Why can’t someone just drill through to every single possible detail and scenario? All this conflicting half half stuff is making me so frustrated.

  11. Dan says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’m not really sure what you are expecting from me.

    I am not associated with Scotts in any way.

    I am not a botanist or biologist or a professional horticulturist.

    I’m just an ordinary joe sharing my experiences on my home renovation, maintenance and energy conservation efforts, as well as on the products and services I use.

    I am not saying you are asking wrong questions. I am simply saying I have no idea.

    My personal approach is that for anything which can cause physical harm to a human or pet, I call in the professionals. That is why I do not do electricity (with one exception when I installed a wireless wall switch).

    I stand by my recommendation to you. If I had poison ivy on my yard, I would call in the pro’s to get rid of it.

    That doesn’t answer your questions, but hopefully it puts into perspective what we write about and the limits of our knowledge.


  12. Peter says:

    Thanks for the review .. Just heard about the product earlier today. I think I will give it a ‘try’. I’m sick of clover weed.

  13. John says:

    I purchased this product and have tried it on my lawn twice on dandelions, creeping buttercups and plantain. The applications were one week apart and the last application was 5 days ago. It does not seem to have had any affect whatsoever.

  14. Dan says:

    That is surprising, John.

    I assume you sprayed a sufficient quantity on the different weeds and that it was not just before a rain storm?


  15. BB says:

    Will this work on clover too? I need something that would control the clover starting to take over my lawn……..

  16. Dan says:

    Hi BB,

    The material says it works on White Clover.

    You can read more on what is to cover here:


    I hope that helps,

  17. KO says:

    Thanks for posting these articles – I found the information very useful. I have tried Weed B Gone previously and found the results to be less than expected. But your posts have convinced me to try again (with more concentrated applications perhaps). Hopefully the results are more successful the 2nd time around!

  18. Dan says:

    Hi KO,

    Yes, I have had good success with Weed B Go.

    However, the Path Clear product has not worked well; yes, the weeks, etc. seemed to die quickly but they came back to life in a week or two.


  19. Nadine says:

    I LOVE this product! It works amazingly well and I have neighbours all around me suffering from weed infestation(s)! Our lawn really stands out amongst the rest because of this product. I highly recommend it!

  20. Cyril says:

    I have just bought Weed B Gon at Wal-Mart today and I’m going to try it out once it has stop raining here. I will post my results

    • Dan says:

      Hi Cyril,
      Home Depot is now selling the 5 litre jug with the much i proved sprayer for $32. I picked up one yesterday.


  21. Cyril says:

    Thanks Dan for the info :-) I will check it out, Well I tried Weed B Gon, and it works well, once I applied the Weed B Gon to the weeds on my lawn in about 24 hours they all turn black and die, but I few of them I must have not applied enough of Weed B Gon because they seem to still be growing, so I will apply some more and see if that kills them off, but over all the Weed B Gon is a great product.

  22. Dan says:

    Hi Cyril,
    Good to hear that it is working as well for you as it has for me.

    I use it again this year. I find that with the prickly type of weeds I need to respray a few days later as the center portion of the weeed comes back to life. Yet, once done a second time it remains dead.

    FYI, Home Depot is now selling in Canada the 5 litre jugs with the upgraded sprayer for around $32.


  23. Manuel says:

    Right after the weed was treated you can see the yellow flower, on the 5th day the flower has gone to seed which tells me that the weed is still alive. It would be interesting to see what the weed looks like a few weeks later.

  24. Hi Manuel says:

    Hi Manuel,

    For me, when I follow the instructions including shaking the container, applying the spray at least 24 hours before any watering or rain, etc. the entire weed is gone in 2 to 3 weeks.

    That is for basic dandilions.

    We have a thick, prickly dandilion-like weed in our back yard in several places that we have to spray three times because the center kept coming back to life. But, they have eventually fully died.

    I hope that helps,

  25. Abbas says:


    Thanks for posting this. I’m fed up of my lawn and backyard and would like to see some improvements. I’m probably going to buy this product, but before I do, I have a couple of quick questions:

    1) How effective is the solution in preventing the weeds from reappearing? If they do reappear (hopefully not), when do they come back?

    2) If I manually pull out the weed and then spray this solution on the root, will it still work as effectively? Will this method stop the weed from re-growing?

    3) If the weed does reappear, is there another solution in the market which will prevent the weed from reappearing permanently or for a prolonger period of time? I ask this because I do not want to keep spraying the solution as it is not cost and time effective.

    Thanks for your help.


  26. Dan says:

    Hi Abbas,

    First, please understand I do not sell this product or have any relationship with it.

    Second, if you are not sure but want to try it, simply buy the small size for less than $10, try it for a few days and if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction return it to the store with the receipt and ask for a refund.

    With regards to your Q’s, from my experience (and others can please chyme in as well):

    1. weeds reappear when (A) insufficient solution is applied (B) it rains in a few hours to dilute the solution (C) you do not shake the container before starting so much of the iron is used up early on (D) you mow your lawn soon after its application (E) any number of reasons.

    2. No idea….I have not tried this.

    3. No idea. This is the only solution I have come across since the pesticide ban in my area (Ontario). My buddy told me the other deay about a solution in a blue packaging he is trying (he didn’t know about this one until I told him….he needs to visit my web site more often :) ) called I think ‘Shout Out’ or some such thing.

    I hope this helps,

  27. Abbas says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. From your experience, have the weeds reappeared in the same spot? If yes, how long until they reappear?

    Sorry for so many questions, I just want to make sure I get a good product.

    Thanks once again.

  28. Dan says:


    ‘I just want to make sure I get a good product’

    I have to be candid; you are over thinking this for a $10 investment, which you can get back if it doesn’t work for you from your retailer … assuming you keep the receipt and return it based on the store’s return policy.

    Others here and elsewhere say the product works for them.

    It works for me.

    There are prescious few absolutes in life.

    If you find another product with the same claims and that can be used in your town according to its pesticide regulations, try that one.

    Weeds will grow in any collection of dirt.

    I can’t tell you any more.

    Others are free to chyme in here with their experiences in addition to what some have already above.


  29. Anonymous says:

    Lawn Weed Killer – Killex Liquid Herbicide Concentrate was way cheaper than buying this new “weed be gone”. its a money grab by the companies praying on consumers with these new laws. They cant sell killex so they try to sell iron and water for the same or greater cost. shame on you

  30. Dan says:

    Well, Anonymous (don’t ya respect folks who criticize yet do so without identifying themselves? :) ),

    You are trying to make a point yet are contradicting yourself.

    You say that another product was way cheaper yet say that same product cannot be used because of environmental regulations.

    Therefore, how is it cheaper if it cannot be used?

    Prior to Weed B Gon, there was no alternative in certain counties, cities, etc. to get rid of common lawn weeds. Now there is.

    Sure, I’d really like it if the didn’t charge so much. Then again, since I do not work for the company and have no relationship with them at all, I have no facts on what it costs Scotts to produce this product. Without facts, one can’t justify saying if it is a money grab or not. Only Scotts knows if it costs more or costs less than the Killex concentrate to which you make reference.

    If there is an alternative to Weed B Gon in the GTA, someone please let me know so I can go get some, try it out, compare the costs, etc.


  31. Ronnie says:

    When can you overseed your lawn AFTER using Weed B Gon?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Ronnie,

      Since Weed B Gon is a spot application product, you can do this any time recognizing that the grass seen will likely not germinate in the areas where this product has been applied.

      This is from the Scotts product web site “Do not apply to newly seeded areas or seeded lawns less than 1 year old.”.

      While not directly answering your Q, I would suggest you wait a month or so before trying to overseen the areas of your lawn upon which this product was applied. I would also suggest you consider using one of those all-in-one lawn repair products in the spots where Weed B Gon has been applied on a large weed and is now a bare patch.

      There are many such products out there. We are writing about two of them which you can see here in our all-in-one lawn repair products review series of articles.

      I hope this helps,

  32. lynda jones says:

    Just bought your product this morning…came with only French instructiona, no English. As I do not speak French I have no idea how the product should be applied (in sun, no sun, etc., etc.,). Would be so helpful if instructions were printed in both French and English…live in Alberta.

  33. Dan says:

    Hi Lynda,

    Please understand this is not my product; I do not work for and have no relationship with Scotts at all. I simply use the product. In fact, I just wrote about how I do not like their EZ Seed product and returned it.

    All in French, huh? That is weird out side of Quebec.


  34. Helen says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks for a very thorough review of the product. It seems, one year later, they have come out with a concentrate of the same product. I noticed that on your application there was a darkening of the lawn surrounding the weeds. Overall application should make the darkness appear uniform, plus it is great for those of us with large yards.

  35. Steven says:

    Costco is offering Weed B Gon on sale. 2 x 4L containers for 8L total for just under $40. Based on the positive reviews on this site, I decided to go buy and try it out. Will let people know how it turns out in a week or so.

  36. EdT says:

    Weed B Gon is essentially iron concentrate mixed with water. Iron is normally used by lawn experts to darken the the turf, but not promote rapid growth like a nitrogen based fertilizer. If you watch golf on TV you will notice that on some golf course the shades of grass is greener on the side the course to give it a nice contrast.

    You can make your own solution for much cheaper and will do the same thing. Just get a jar of iron chilide(Can be found at Canadian Tire, Rona, Home Depot etc…) or iron choride(at specialty gardening stores) and mix two tablespoon to a liter of water, add one teaspoon of dish washing detergent which will help the product stay on the foliage better.

    Iron will darken the grass around the weeds, but will not harm the grass and will return to a lighter shade in two weeks depending on rain and watering.

    If you need a non-selective herbicide(kills everything from grass to weeds) just use white vinegar in a sprayer, will kill the weeds in about two hours.

    So yes, these company’s are making a fortune on common everyday household ingredients turned herbicides !

    • Jojo says:

      Hi EdT ,

      After browsing the web, it appears that what you are talking is “ferric chloride solution” for cleaning sewage, right?


  37. Jojo says:

    Hi EdT,

    “Just get a jar of iron chilide(Can be found at Canadian Tire, Rona, Home Depot etc…) or iron choride(at specialty gardening stores) and …”.

    I am very interested in your ideas as I have just thrown about $120.00 to my lawn and now waiting for the results.

    Could you be more specific about which department of Canadian, Rona or HomeDepot is selling the jar of iron chilide (iron chelate)?

    It is because I cannot find any of the wonderful jar of liquid in the stores.


  38. Brian & Lisa says:

    Hi! I’d just like to let everyone know that we have discovered a secret weed-killing method that uses these products and is 100% legal. My husband actually discovered it and the two of us have been experimenting with it ever since.

    Take 45% Weed B Gon and mix in 55% PathClear. This is the most effective mixture so far. It makes a super weed killing fluid that has cut kill times in half. Within 4-5 hours you can see the shriveling and withering begin. No weeds survived and they did not return. 35%-65% also works well but 45%-55% seems to be the ideal ratio.

    Just letting you and your readers know this!

  39. Bob Long says:

    What is this stuff Path Clear?

    Is it an acid which I cannot use on concrete pavers or other concrete.

    Will it kill Sow Thistle which our yard is full of, especially along the front sidewalk.

    Sow Thistle which has Dandilion type of flowers and leaves but grows up to 3 feet high is not affecte by Fiesta, Iron HETA or Weed B Gone.

    Regards Bob

  40. Brian says:

    Wonderfull news on the dandilion killer.
    Now if we could only find some to kill the IMPOSSIBLE to kill Crabgrass!

  41. I agree with this post here Weed B Gon – it takes a good weed killer product that makes sure weeds be gone for good: :) lols

  42. Brad Polson says:

    The dilution rate of scott’s weed be gone is 40 ml’s per 960 ml of water and the product cost’s $40.00. Killex has a dilution rate of 6ml’s per litre and it is available for 19 bucks!! Do the math-very expensive! Not impressed at all

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