How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

Good question.

When we undertook our front garden makeover project our intent was to have a relatively low maintenance garden.

That meant slow growing bushes and shrubs.

One type of evergreen shrubs included in our new front garden were Hills Yews. They are short evergreen shrubs which we are using in collections of three along the wall of our garage.

If one is not a full time gardening professional, which we are not, one has to rely on the advice of the person at the garden center.

So, after two years, how fast have they grown?

Well, take a look for yourself.

First we present two pictures from just after we planted these 6 shrubs back in the spring of 2008:

hills yew 2008 1 How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

hills yew 2008 2 How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

Now compare to two years later in the pictures below taken in the spring of 2010: 

hills yews 1 How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

hills yews 2 How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

Do you see a big difference? What you do see are all the light green sprouts in the 2010 pictures immediately above (taken 2 weeks ago) indicating that these Hills Yews have not finished growing yet this spring.  I’ll return in a few weeks so see the impact.

To me, these evergreen type shrubs are filling in nicely, but not too fast; just what I wanted.

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