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We have spent many articles in this series on our bathroom floor tiling project about the floor preparation. Every situation will be different. Our bathroom floor needed a lot of preparation as you saw; much more than most.

However, once the floor is fully prepped, it is time to start laying the tile.

Now, remember, the major difference with these porcelain floor tiles from SnapStone is that you do not use any type of thin-set between the under-floor and the tile. This will save a lot of time and aggravation with the laying of the tile.

As well, because each tile fits in place with the others, there is no need for spacers between the tiles to ensure symmetrical tile placement. This also saves time during the installation process.

snapstone installation tool kit Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Get The Installation Kit

Using some of the tools from the installation toolkit made it pretty easy.

snapstone floor tile rubber mallet and blocker Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Get The Installation Kit

As shown in the above picture you simply place the black Tapping Block along the one side and tap the rubber mallet against the Tapping Block with a moderate amount of force to push the one floor tile into the other.

The first time you do this you will need to hold the first floor tile down while to tap the second one into it. Or, what Bennett did was to place the first tile temporarily in one corner which would keep it in place and then tap the second one into place.

After four or five tiles are snapped together, then place then in their intended location. What we found is that once five or so of the tiles are snapped together then they tend to stay in place with progressively minimal pressure when placing the remaining tiles into place.

Here is a picture of the full collection of tools within the SnapStone Installation Toolkit,

snapstone tool kit tools Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Get The Installation Kit

The pull bar is used when you are almost finished placing the floor tiles and have to place the ones near the wall. As shows in the picture on the package above it is used to help you pull the new tile into the in place tile.

The flat tool with the handle, called the Grout Float, is used to spread the grout onto the spaces between the tiles.  The sharp tool still in the wrapping is used to mix the grout within the grout pail before it is spread. And of course the sponge is used to wipe excess grout off of the tile.

Do checkout the excellent installation videos on the SnapStone site to see how to use the various tools within the toolkit.

Now we start to lay down a lot of tiles. Select this link to see how the effort went to lay the SnapStone floor tiles in our bathroom.

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