Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Custom Bathtub Tiled Skirt

In yesterday’s article we wrote and showed in the pictures how Bennett temporarily placed some of the floor tiles from the walls near the toilet flange in the ground.

The purpose of this was to sketch with a pencil the round cut that he would need to make into the floor tiles from SnapStone which would be placed on either side of the flange.

Below is another picture of Bennett in action, if you will, with this task.

measuring and marking flange cut in tile Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Custom Bathtub Tiled Skirt

So, here we are with the floor ready for tiling; well almost.

bathroom subfloor layed and fully screwed Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Custom Bathtub Tiled Skirt

There’s one more preparation activity which needs to be done. Remember the bathtub and the skirt which ran along the length of the tub? Well, the back of the tub had no such skirt. What was done by the prior contractor was to build and place a wooden frame (seen in the picture below) underneath the back of the tub. Then against this frame the prior contractor placed a cut out piece of cement board. Finally, once the cut out piece of cement board was affixed to the wood frame, the prior contractor placed left over wall tile. This in effect created a nice back end to the tub.

bathtub rear frame for custom tile skirt Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Custom Bathtub Tiled Skirt

When Bennett was preparing the floor for the SnapStone tile, he liked this approach and saved the above wooden frame.

The last task, therefore, before the SnapStone tile was laid, grouted, etc. was to reinstall the wood frame and apply a new piece of cement board to the wooden frame and, once the SnapStone porcelain floor tile was laid and grouted, place some additional left over wall tile onto the horizontal cement board. In effect, he was repeating the approach of the prior contractor. The original tile and cement board could not be saved completely in tact when it was removed in order to remove the carpet.

Why do this before the floor tile is laid? Bennett wanted to affix the wood frame, etc. onto the new sub-floor and have the SnapStone porcelain floor tile adjacent to the custom tiled bathtub end skirt.

He preferred this approach to the alternative, which was to lay the floor tile first and then try to affix the custom bathtub skirt, etc. on top of the floor tile. Too may issues with that approach.

So now we have dealt with the bathtub rear skirt we are ready to lay the SnapStone tile. To continue, select this link to the next article in this series of our bathroom floor tiling project.

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