Bathrooom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Continued

The past few articles in this series on our bathroom floor tiling project dealt with different aspects of floor preparation, following the removal of the carpet (yes, carpet), under-padding and baseboard molding.

Today we complete our look at the floor preparation.

So, the picture below of our backroom sub-floor is where things sat after dealing with the above, as well as with the single row of tile around the bathtub as well as the tile underneath the toilet.

bathroom floor prep almost completed Bathrooom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation Continued

Look closely at the floor. It is comprised of various pieces of particle board. Why various pieces of different shapes? It is because there had been more than one renovation of this bathroom by the prior owners’. This would not have been a good sub-floor for any type of tile.

However, an added issue was an extremely, and I do mean extremely, noisy and squeaky sub-floor; yes, even with the carpeting.

And, yes, the prior contractor had assured me that he and his lads had sufficiently screwed down the particle boards before the under-padding and carpeting was laid. icon sad Bathrooom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation Continued

So, to remedy the current situation, Bennett spent a good ½ hour or so screwing screws throughout all areas of the particle board sub-floor until the squeaks were gone.

removing squeeks from floor subfloor Bathrooom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation Continued

Once he had finished, Bennett then used a large level to determine if the floor was sufficiently level for the SnapStone floor tile. The good news for us was that in his opinion he did not have to adjust any of the sub-floor for this purpose.

The last part of the floor preparation, therefore was to cut and lay floorboard on top of the existing particle board sub-floor.

If we were to have simply laid the SnapStone floor tile on the existing sub-floor, the result would have been a floor which was lower in height than the prior carpet floor. This was because the depth of the SnapStone floor tile is less than the combined depth of the under-padding and carpet.

Two issues would have arisen from this situation. And, this is where we pick things up next time in our continuing bathroom floor tiling home maintenance project.

To continue with this series, simply select this link to the completion of the floor preparation.

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