Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation

In the second part of this multi-article series on replacing the current flooring in one of our bathrooms with SnapStone porcelain floor tile, we examined the current bathroom floor situation. Today, we begin to prepare the bathroom floor.

I need to begin by telling you that life sometimes gets in the way of one’s home renovation plans. I had fully planned to do this project myself, especially with the SnapStone floor tiles being easy to install even for the non-professional (yes, that is me icon smile Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation ). However, once the tiles were on order my day job required me to be out of the country for 5 consecutive weeks, returning home only on Friday’s and leaving again the following Sundays.

So, I asked Bennett, who performed our new kitchen installation 3 years ago, who fixed the water leak in our basement ceiling coming from our new shower stall (which he did not originally install) and who worked with me to install our solar air heater two years ago if he had the time to install our floor tile in the bathroom for me. Even though he himself is very busy, Bennett was able to work us into his schedule.

Now, below is the picture of the starting point of the bathroom floor preparation.

bathroom floor with carpet Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation

Things to notice in the above picture are (A) the current carpet on the floor, (B) the removable skirt on the long side of the bathtub, and (C) the baseboard molding at the bottom of the wall.

Also notice in the following picture that there is a sliding, or pocket, door between the bathroom and the adjoining bedroom. Also notice that the same carpet used for the bathroom floor is also used on the bedroom floor.

pocket door from bathroom to bedroom Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation

So, the first logical step is to remove the baseboard molding followed by the carpet and its under-padding.

particle board under bathroom carpet Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation

Above is the picture is the same as the first in this article except now both the carpet, under-padding and baseboard molding has been removed.

The picture below is of now exposed particle board towards the opening for the pocket door.

particle board underfloor in bathroom Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation

Lastly, the final picture today is of the area under the sink, including the location of the heating / cooling floor vent.

particle board under self standing bathroom sink Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   Floor Preparation

If you look closely at the exposed particle board, you should be able to see evidence that this is not the first time this bathroom has undergone a home renovation project. There are many pieces of particle board here and there. We will have much more to say about this later this week.

To continue to the next article in this series on our bathroom floor tiling project, select this link to see the floor preparation around the bathtub.

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