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In life, timing is everything or nothing.

Several weeks ago I was approached by Maya of SSPR, a public relations firm, if I was in need of floor tiles. While we underwent major renovations in almost every area of our home three summers ago, two projects which we did not undertake was to replace the floor tile in our main foyer and to install floor tile in our laundry room

As well, another home renovation project which has been placed on our to do list is to install floor tiles in one of our daughter’s bathroom.

The floor tiles which we were offered were porcelain tiles from SnapStone. What made this an intriguing offer was that these are regular porcelain floor tiles with a difference.

snapstone floor tile Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   SnapStone Floor Tile

The difference is that these floor tiles are said to offer many benefits to traditional ceramic or porcelain tiles including, as indicated from the SnapStone web site:

- fast and easy installation because there is no underlay or thinset needed; they can be installed directly on top of existing vinyl, wood (including hardwood) and concrete floors with minimal preparation

- tiles are self-aligning to ensure a symmetrical 1/4 inch grout lines without using spacers and grids

- total installation cost can be lower because less labor is needed and less floor preparation is required with the absence of underlay or thinset needed by regular floor tiles

- the underside of each floor tile has sound reducing rubberized grid

- as SnapStone floor tiles are not adhered to the floor, they provide a softer feel than traditional floor tiles

- again, as the SnapStone floor tiles are not adhered to the floor, if any happen to crack (even though the manufacturer’s web site indicates they are tested to a level 6 of the Robinson strength test), you can simply replace the cracked tile; as well you could even move the entire set of floor tiles from one room to reuse them in another room (although how likely this might be could be debated)

Below is a  picture of the underside for one of the SnapStone tiles we received to see how it is truly different from what at least we were used to for a floor tile:

snapstone porcelain floor tile underside Bathroom Floor Tiling Project   SnapStone Floor Tile

Now, two other things attracted me to this product.

First, because no underlay or thinset is needed as it is with regular floor tiles, this could be a home maintenance project which I could attempt to do myself.

Second, the manufacturer’s web site is one of the better ones I have seen in providing a huge amount of educational resources for the average person to understand what the product is all about as well as how to install the tile. There are several excellent videos which I found very, very useful here on the SnapStone installation video web page.

The web site also has an active forum page with constant contributions from both SnapStone users as well as what seems to be SnapStone employees and installers. This is a great resource to see any installation or other questions others have and what recommended solutions.

So, we are about to begin to install the floor tile in the bathroom. Select the following link to where we lay out ;) the specifics of the bathroom floor where we will be using the SnapStone floor tile.

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