Fertilizing Evergreens

Yesterday we talked about fertilizing trees.

Today, I’d like to address fertilizing evergreens in our garden.

Just as trees in our lawn need their own fertilizer, evergreens can also have roots which go go deep into the soil which is where you need to place their nutrients. You want to encourage the root system to remain deep in the garden’s soil by placing the nutrients at that low level.

As well, many gardens are like ours in that there is a top layer of ground cover be it cedar mulch like we have or cocoa beans or stones or lately rubber … yes, I said rubber. So, it does little good to simply use a loose fertilizer for evergreens in your garden which is sprinkled on top of the bare soil or on top of the ground cover.

Fertilizer for your evergreen plants needs to be placed where the root system lives which is as mentioned deep into the soil.

So, not surprisingly I guess, I use fertilizer spikes to also provide the nutrients for our garden’s shrubs and evergreens.

shrub fertilizer spikes Fertilizing Evergreens

Yesterday’s picture was of a package of fertilizer spikes for the trees in our front yard. The above picture looks similar; however if you look closely at the packaging it is for garden shrubs and evergreens.

The application is the same as for tree spikes we saw yesterday in that one is to place these deep within the soil so the top of the fertilizer spike is not showing.

Here is an example of where I placed three of these evergreen fertilizer spikes around a collection of three Pyramidal Yews in our front garden.

evergreens with fertilizer spikes Fertilizing Evergreens

In the above picture you can see three fertilizer spikes; one in front of the Pyramidal Yew on the right, one in front of the one on the left and one between the two closest to the wall.

As well, if you look very closely you can see up against the base of the wall what looks like a short thin brown stick coming out from the ground. Well, actually there is a very thin climbing plant against the lower part of that wall’s base. So, we hope that the nutrients in the fertilizer spike placed between the two evergreens against the wall will also help out that very thin climbing plant.

weeping caragana Fertilizing Evergreens

I also placed one of the shrub fertilizer spikes at the tree line of this Weeping Caragana, also in our front garden which is just starting to show the first buds of the new year.. You can see the spike on the lower fight of the picture by the hammer.

This is not rocket science. It is just one of those spring home maintenance tasks which is simple to do and will help keep your garden plants healthy and thriving for years to come.

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