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A while back, we wrote about a President’s Choice home coffee maker which failed the grade. Why? Two reasons.

First, and most importantly, when we poured coffee it would overflow the spout on the carafe, especially when we made a full brew.

Second, when we unplugged it, the high pitched beep would bother our dog Sandy’s ears.

Now, does this look like a member of the family (a few days after her recent hair cut) whom one would want to hurt?

cockapoo dog Oster Coffee Maker

The response to that article was overwhelming in that it was one of the most commented articles we have written; about a simple home coffee maker no less.

So, today I thought I would write about a replacement coffee maker we recently purchased. This one, an Oster coffee maker (made by Sunbeam, actually) we picked up from our local Costco for all of $38! it was one of those bulk purchases which Costco makes all the time; they had lots of them.

oster coffee maker packaging Oster Coffee Maker

I love it. Much less expensive than the President’s Choice coffee maker, does not spill when we pour coffee and when we unplug it (to conserve electricity of course icon wink Oster Coffee Maker   ) it does not make a piercing beep to annoy Sandy.

Now, this coffee maker actually has a few more features than our last one. It has a setting which allows you to indicate if you want it to make a stronger batch. This is the setting we prefer. You can see in one of the pictures below the lighted red light indicating the stronger brew.

It can make up to 12 cups of coffee, has a timer, and all the features one would expect from a nice and a very nice home coffee maker.

As you can see in the picture below, while the carafe can hold 12 cups, the water reservoir looks like it can hold much more. This is one complaint I have about this model.

There is a small hole in the back of the unit, just behind the water reservoir. If one is not careful and pours just over 12 cups of water then it will come spilling out the back even though on the water gauge on the right side, as you can see in the picture below of our new coffee maker, it seems like the unit can hold much more water.

oyster coffee maker side picture Oster Coffee Maker

If you setup the unit with coffee and water first thing in the morning before you are really awake or last thing at night when you are thinking about the bed and not about making coffee), I can see one easily pouring more water in and causing a mess all because it looks like the water reservoir can hold a lot more than 12 cups. Not a biggie, just be careful.

coffee maker coffee grounds container picture Oster Coffee Maker

Here is a picture of the area containing the coffee grounds. The arm you see directly above the filter and the coffee grounds swings well out of the way when you are entering the coffee; it is where the water is poured onto the coffee grounds once heated by the unit’s heating element.

How does the coffee taste? Well, for us it tastes as well as our prior appliance; no difference at all. The picture below of our new coffee maker shows the red button indicating a stronger brew for our first batch of coffee.

coffee maker after brew Oster Coffee Maker

Lastly, the other feature we do not like is that once the brew is completed, five beeps sound to tell you that the brewing is completed and the coffee is ready. These beeps go un-noticed by Sandy, but are a little annoying. I don’t need to be told when the brew is finished, I can see and hear that no more water is entering the carafe. But, this is minor. I’ll have to go over the instructions which came with the unit to see if there is a way I can turn this off.

So, for $38, this kitchen appliance is a keeper; even at twice the price. Something to consider should you need to buy one for yourself or someone else in the future.

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  1. Joyce Wade says:

    After reading the review of the coffee maker, I had to comment on our recent experience with a Mr. Coffee. We bought it because a friend has had one for over 20 years and never a problem.
    Everything was fine until I attempted to make a full pot, that is 12 cups. Never noticing anything before regarding “overflow” holes in the back of the coffee maker, I learned the hard way. The highest over flow holes were just slightly above the 8 cup mark! So of course, I poured in the full pot of water (12 cups), and water began flowing out like a water fall! What a mess I had! I called Mr. Coffee Help line, and she could hardly believe what I was telling her, but agreed to send me a new coffee maker.
    This new one had overflowholes in the back in the proper place, however now water leaked out around the bottom, flooding my counter top. I again called the support line for Mr. Coffee. The woman on the other end acted as though she didn’t quite believe me, and said, well, they’re all tested. I said, well, obviously not. So once again, Mr. Coffee sent out another replacement.
    Now I’m nervous. What more could happen? You guessed it. One more problem. When pouring coffee, it dropped from the spout, making for a clean up job on the counter. Ah ha! Low and behold, I had 2 pots from the previous coffee makers so grabbed one of those from my cupboard and voila! Finally , sigh, a pot of coffee made and poured into a mug without an incident.
    Warning: Mr. Coffee evidently is not what it used to be.

  2. Joe Gelata says:

    Thanks for the review. We’re in a similar situation with the beeping driving us crazy. With a new baby in the house and coffee intake at an all-time high the last thing we need is the coffeemaker waking up the baby. Were you able to find a way to disable the beeps?

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