Solar Air Heater Air Filter

Does your solar air heater have an air filter?

Oh, wait. Do you even have a  solar air heater?

No? Don’t worry. If you are not too sure what a solar air heater is,  you can read about here about our solar air heater.

Perhaps this will help remind you to check the air filters you do have in your home, like in your furnace or dehumidifier. icon smile Solar Air Heater Air Filter

Keeping your air filters clean allows your furnace fan or solar air heater fan to work less hard and thus consume less energy. This allows you to maximize your energy savings and keep your utility bills as low as possible to save you money.

Now, not all solar air heaters have an air filter. Ours does.

Here is the cover of the air intake component for our unit. It contains a fan to draw the cool air from near the floor into the solar air heater which is on the outside of our south wall. Our fan runs on electricity from a simple standard electrical outlet as you can see in the picture below.

solar air heater intake unit Solar Air Heater Air Filter

I don’t think I have ever cleaned it since the unit was installed more than a year ago. Better late than never, I guess.

So I took the cover off the air intake unit by simply unscrewing the pair of screws on either side of the unit.

solar heater dirty air filter Solar Air Heater Air Filter

Above you can see the dust tracks on the blue air filter sitting on top of the air intake cover. Compare the grid pattern of the unit’s cover on the floor to the dirty air filter and you will see the same grid pattern.

How to clean it? Simply rinse under the sink.

cleaned solar heater air filer Solar Air Heater Air Filter

Now we have a nice clean air filter as shown above.

However, in doing this home maintenance task I noticed something which needed attending to before I put the cover back on the air intake unit containing the now cleaned air filter.

I’ll tell you what I found tomorrow.

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