Sealing Ceiling Air Vent Air Leaks

In the previous article, I had decided to use Polyken 360-17 duct tape to seal the leaks in the ceiling vent of one of our basement rooms, the one which had a drywall type of ceiling.

However, remember, the edges of the vent boot were rough and sharp, sufficiently sharp I felt that over time they might cut through one or two applications of the duct tape.

So, I first used two layers of the duct tape over the one side which had a finished, or smooth, edge, as shown on the right side of the picture below.

basement ceiling air vent air leak Sealing Ceiling Air Vent Air Leaks

Next, after bending back as much as possible the unfinished edges of the other three sides of the vent boot, I decided to put several pieces of the duct tape, inversly rolled between the wooded vent frame and the metalic vent boot.

basement ceiling vent leak blockage Sealing Ceiling Air Vent Air Leaks

This was for a few purposes.

First, of course it would fill most of the space between the metalic vent boot and the wooden frame.

Second, it would reduce the amount of the sharp edges of the boot which would be exposed to the covering duct tape to reduce the likelihood of damage.

basement ceiling vent sealed Sealing Ceiling Air Vent Air Leaks

In the picture above you can see the finished product wherein I had then applied the metallic duct tape to the outside of the metallic boot.

So, what’s next? Simply reinstall the vent register and we’re done, right? Nope.

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