Moen Laudry Faucet Leak Repair

Yesterday, we wrote about how we were not able to turn off the hot water from our Moen laundry room faucet.

So, the next day off I go to Home Depot to buy a replacement for the inexpensive, although only two year old, faucet.

moen laundry faucet Moen Laudry Faucet Leak Repair

Since I had replaced (with some help) a sink and faucet in one of our bathrooms over a year ago, and since this faucet was installed only two years ago, I was pretty confident all I would need to do would be to remove and basically drop in the identical replacement faucet.

While at the store, I found an associate who I had dealt with a while back on something else and remembered that he seemed to know what he was talking about.

When I explained to him the issue, and showed him a print out I had made showing the same faucet from their web site which I was looking to purchase, he said there was a simpler and less costly solution, although he was perfectly willing to sell me the new faucet if I wanted.

He described the steps needed to simply replace the cartridge which resided in the hot water handle (on the left in the picture above). It sounded similar to the steps I read about on an Internet forum. I explained to him that I was not a plumber and that what are simple home maintenance tasks to some are very challenging (and frustrating) for me.

He then said that there was no charge for the replacement cartridge as it is Moen’s policy. I did not know that. I asked him to repeat it to make sure I heard it correctly. icon smile Moen Laudry Faucet Leak Repair

He also said that the package containing the replacement cartridge contained installation instructions for me to follow.

This option was sounding better, at least sufficiently good for me to give it a try.

moen laundry faucet 1 Moen Laudry Faucet Leak Repair

He then took me to the faucet display and we found the exact laundry faucet which was giving us the problem and took the time to take it apart right there and then. With that visual demonstration (as I am a visual type of person), I started to believe that I could do it with that visual help.

So, off I went to attempt to disassemble the hot water handle of the Moen faucet, install the replacement cartridge and reassemble to see if it would solve the leaking hot water.

Here are the tools I would need to do the job and yes, I did need all four of them:

moen laundry faucet repair tools 2 Moen Laudry Faucet Leak Repair

To continue, simply select this link to see how we start to disassemble the hot water handle of the Moen laundry faucet.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I was also into DIY and I think it’s great to be doing your own fixing. You don’t only save on cost, you are also assured of the best quality. Although I must say that there are things better left for the pros to do…

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