Caulking Bathroom Door Frame

When we purchased our current house more than 2 years ago, it underwent a massive renovation in every, yes every, room in the home … and outside as well.

Heck, that is what got us to start writing about home renovation tips, home maintenance tips and home energy conservation tips for more than two years now.

As part of this major home renovation, we replaced all of the interior doors, including the one to the public or shared bathroom.

However, the contractor did not complete the job, or should I say he did not finish the job. Finish the job, get it? icon wink Caulking Bathroom Door Frame

Look at the picture below, focusing on where the door frame meets the wall.

door frame without caulking 1 Caulking Bathroom Door Frame

Don’t see it? Try the picture below.

door frame without caulking 2 Caulking Bathroom Door Frame

Now do you see where the door frame does not meet the wall? Just look at that gap between the edge of the door frame and the wall; in some places a good 1/4 inch deep.

door frame without caulking 3 Caulking Bathroom Door Frame

So, a simple use of caulking would fill this gap and make the job look finished.

Simply select this link to see what a finished door frame installation looks like with caulking applied to the door frame.

It is not hard to do at all. You can do it; we can help. OK, OK, someone or some company already uses that tag line but I can help you too! icon wink Caulking Bathroom Door Frame

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