Overlooked Caulking Tube Tip

A while back I wrote about the removable tip on a new type of caulking tube, at least it was new to me.

In that article I undersold the value of this innovation to one of the most common materials used in finishing painting around door frames and window frames.

Over the recent holidays, I had some time to get to a few home maintenance tasks which I had been putting off. One of those was caulking the gap between a door frame and the wall of our public washroom (as opposed to an en suite bathroom) which was left behind by our renovation contractor more than 2 years ago.

Now, using a tube of caulking once it has already been partially used has always been a challenge for me. How?

Sure, I can use the poker stick underneath the caulking gun to punch a hole in the tip of the caulking tube, shown in the picture below.

large caulking tube tip Overlooked Caulking Tube Tip

However, it does not clear the inside of the tip of the caulking tube; rather, all it does as we know is to make a small air way amongst the  dried caulking inside the tube’s tip.

This situation, then,  does not let the caulking flow smoothly and evenly as one used the caulking tube a second or third or fourth or… time after its first usage.

Here is where the removable caulking tube tip comes in.

Because the tip can be unscrewed from this DAP caulking tube, as shown in the picture below, one can remove the entire dried caulking to allow for a smooth flowing caulk when re-using the tube time after time.

removable caulking tube tip Overlooked Caulking Tube Tip

See above how the dried caulking is being pushed out of the tube’s tip? Below, we have a now clear tip to screw back onto the tube.

cleaned caulking tube tip Overlooked Caulking Tube Tip

What a simple idea? For homeowners who try their best to maintain their home, including re-doing old or non-existent caulking, we don’t use an entire tube at once, right? We are the ones for whom I believe this innovation from DAP was made.

So, next time you are looking to buy a new tube of caulking, look for one with the removable tip. Us DIY folks need all the help we can get. icon wink Overlooked Caulking Tube Tip

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  1. Great way to avoid the waste of throwing out unused caulk. I usually stick a 2 inch long deck screw down the throat of a partly used tube. Leaving enough sticking out to grab for removal next time. Now if someone would come up with a way to save the extra foam in a can of spray foam insulating sealant I’d like that.

  2. Geoff Petrie Cruz says:

    Great tip, I always waste a lot of caulk, now I can really save more materials.

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