Moen Mirrorscapes Installation

Yesterday we wrote about two bathrooms in my friend Harvey’s place which he was renovating, both of which contained mirrors that did not have a border. The hope was that the look of the mirrors and of the entire bathroom would be enhanced by the Mirrorscapes product from Moen.

You can obtain Moen products at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards and other retail locations.

Here are pictures of the mirrors in each of the two bathrooms so you can compare to the finished effort:

borderless bathroom 1 mirror 002 Moen Mirrorscapes Installation

borderless bathroom 2 mirror 002 Moen Mirrorscapes Installation

So, how did the installation go and how do the products look?

Well, the effort per Mike, who was working for Harvey because circumstances prevented both Harvey and myself from personally installing this product, took about 1 hour for each product. Why?

Well, not knowing enough about this product and likely not going through all of the information on the web site, we did not know that this product can be ordered in numerous different widths (from 12″ to 144″) and heights (from 12″ to 120″) in one inch increments. So, when Harvey told me the styles and finishes he would like he and I both did not think to look more closely as the ordering process.

Don’t you fall into this mistake.

So, a good part of the installation effort by Mike was to measure and then use a miter saw to cut the product into the width and length of the each mirror.

The Mirrorscapes product pages here within the Moen web site has some nice detailed pictures of the installation as well as a video or two for you to become more comfortable with the product and what is involved with the installation.

So, how does the product look?

Here is the completed installation for the first bathroom in the initial picture above:

 Moen Mirrorscapes Installation

Notice how the new border does fit between the mirror and the electrical outlet directly beneath. As well, notice that the un-centered vanity lights have been replaced and repositioned to a centered position directly above.

And, here is the completed installation picture for bathroom within the second picture above:

 Moen Mirrorscapes Installation

In this second situation, the concern we had for how close the mirror’s location was to the wall on the right was a non-issue as it fit very nicely.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, the pictures for both of the different series of the product do indeed enhance the attractiveness of the mirrors and their respective bathrooms. What do you think?

The cost? Well, the 48 inch X 48 inch products we received retail per the Moen site for approximately $196 (plus taxes, etc.), including the 4 corners, per set; we received and installed two different sets.

Is the cost worth the price? I have to be honest and indicate I’m not sure.

How much does a new mirror, which already comes with a border cost?  From looking back at what we paid two years ago for new mirrors which already came with their own pre-installed borders, and considering the hour (or less) to install this product onto existing mirrors, my personal preference would be to simply buy replacement mirrors which already came with pre-installed borders.

Yes, once installed they do significantly enhance the appearance of the previously borderless mirrors and therefore the bathrooms. However, you will have to determine if the purchase price and installation effort is worth it for your own situation. Do check out the cost at your local specialty or building materials store for the cost of new bordered mirrors before you make your decision.

I hope this two part review of this product has helped you add to your own collection of home renovation tips and home maintenance tips as you strive to do your best to renovate or maintain your own home.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for writing about this product in complete detail and providing your opinion, comparing the Moen Framescape with a new mirror that comes with a frame. We have done our research and also found that new mirrors that come with a frame are actually cheaper than the Framescape, which comes without a mirror. We also had a mirror (4′ x 3′) custom framed with a high-end wood frame, which looks like brushed medal (custom framed w/hanging cable line, from a local frame shop) for the same price, within a few dollars, as the Framescape. My custom frame does not come with 4 corner pieces though, so maybe you get a little extra decoration by buying the Framescape in this case. Our current project in our main floor bathroom was to buy door trim or basic 2″ thick trim from a hardware store, paint it any color we want (we found brushed nickel spray paint for wood that we might try), and hang the trim directly on the mirror with thin velcro strips. Oh, and we do not want to remove the mirror, as it is glued to the wall and that would mean more repair than we want to tackle. We really like the Framescape though, and we see that it will cost quite a bit more than buying, cutting, and painting our own trim. However, our time may be spent more wisely doing something else :-) . We shall see. Thanks for your research and pictures.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks for visiting our site and for your thoughts.

    Part of home renovation is the aspect that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (I know, I know … :) ) and that value is different for everyone.

    In my life I do not have lots and lots of spare time so personally I would not be willing to pay for something that takes me a few hours to do if for the same price or less I could by a similar / same type of product if the look and quality is the same.

    But again, ‘if the look and quality is the same’. Folks who do have time on their hands and like to work with their hands will likely like and enjoy the Moen product.

    That’s the subjectivity of home decor and home renovations.


  3. Steve says:

    Thank you for your detailed review. Very informative and made my decision much easier.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Best of luck with your decision.


  5. Michael says:

    This may help in making the cost trade-off decision in whether you buy a pre-framed mirror. You can buy moen mirrorscapes on other Internet retail sites like faucet direct (but all one word) for about half the price. I framed a 4′ x 8′ mirror for less than $200.

  6. Dan says:

    HI Michael,

    Thanks for the information.


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