Moen Mirrorscapes Review

Towards the latter part of last year, was asked if we wanted to review some products by Moen, the kitchen and bathroom people.

Lately, we have become to be approached frequently to try different products. We accept those which we feel are within our area of focus, being home renovation tips or energy conservation tips, and which provide a household with value.

As we had renovated all our bathrooms within the past two years, we found that we did not need any products. However, my friend Harvey was in the process of renovating his bathrooms. One of the products which intrigued us was Mirrorscapes product line.

This is a product line of very atractive frames for border-less mirrors. As fortune would have it, two of the bathrooms which Harvey was in the process of renovating had mirrors without borders as shows in the pictures below:

borderless bathroom 1 mirror 002 Moen Mirrorscapes Review

Notice in this first bathroom picture above how the light fixture is not centered over the mirror. Notice as well how close the same light fixture is to the top of the mirror as well as how close the electrical outlet is to the mirror’s lower edge.

borderless bathroom 2 mirror 002 Moen Mirrorscapes Review

In the second picture above, of bathroom number 2, the smaller vanity lights are a little more centered yet the mirror is much closer to a wall on the right side.

The placement of the mirrors in each of the bathrooms were a concern for us as we were not able to see from the above noted Moen product web site how much room the Mirrorscape product would take on the outside of the mirrors. Would they fit?

This product line has 5 different series of styles, each with complementary finishes. Here are the two which were selected:

moen mirrorscapes 002 Moen Mirrorscapes Review

The one at the top is the Series 2000 brushed nickel while the lower is the Series 4000 brushed nickel. Below is a picture of the corners:

moen mirrorscapes corners 003 Moen Mirrorscapes Review

Now, the Mirrorscapes web page states that this product can be installed in ‘about 30 minutes’. I don’t know about you but for the individual DIY Dude or Dudette, when ever installing a product for the first time it takes a while to understand the installation instructions and gain confidence in one’s own ability to properly install the product.

Certainly, this product looks very, very nice and should enhance the look of both the mirrors themselves as well as of their respective bathrooms.

We will see how long it actually takes and if it fits the locations of the two different mirrors as shown above. That is were we pick things up tomorrow.

To see the finished product installed on each of the above two mirrors, simply select this link to Moen Mirrorscapes Installation.

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