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Yesterday we wrote about the initial attempt to install the replacement ENERGY STAR replacement windows in our home (due to a broken seal resulting in an air leak within two of the windows). The attempt failed because the window inserts were not the correct size within the frame.

A few weeks later Yarmer and his assistant returned with the correctly sized window inserts, for both the window in our bedroom as well as the large window in our family room.

After about 20 minutes or so, they were finished.

I was really surprised it took as little time as it did to install the replacements. Then again, they were not doing anything with the window frame. Rather, it was simply remove the replacement glass (picture shown in yesterday’s article), install the new ENERGY STAR window within the frame, apply caulking sealant, re-install the borders along the sides of the frame and they are done.

In the first picture, Yarmer and his assistant have removed the defective window insert from the frame and are about to put the replacement into the existing frame.

window insert being intalled ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows   Air Leaks   5

Here is a picture of Yarmer applying caulking sealant on the inside of one of the two ENERGY STAR windows being replaced:

applying sealant to window insert ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows   Air Leaks   5

And, here you can see Yarmer re-installing the border panel at the top on the inside of the replaced window.

re installing border of window ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows   Air Leaks   5

They certainly knew what they were doing.

The final picture shows our large family room windows looking as good as new. The large window on the left in the picture below is the one which was replaced.

energy star window replaced ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows   Air Leaks   5

So, whether you thought it was possible or not, yes ENERGY STAR windows can have cracked seals causing air leakage within the window just like any two or three pane windows. So, be sure that you have in your contract with your replacement window supplier that they will replace the windows for a lifetime due to air leakage. Not every window company provides such a guarantee.

To me, it is worth paying a  little bit more for such a contract clause because it also speaks to the confidence in the window manufacturer in their product. They are not going to provide such a guarantee if they do not believe that their product is of sufficient high quality that air leakage should not occur.

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