LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

Last year we wrote about the solar powered outdoor Christmas lights we used in the back and front of our home.

The comments we received to that article were many. If they were any indication, some types of solar powered Christmas lights perform inconsistently. In fact, one doesn’t see them advertised as much this year; at least I don’t. Perhaps the low price of these LED lights and current solar technology prohibits a consistently performing product.

This year, I decided to acquire indoor / outdoor LED Christmas lights for the large garden in front of our home. Once again, my supplier of choice was Canadian Tire LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire. Once again the lights come from Noma.

As you may recall, we completed the remodelling of our front garden last spring, which included lots of Pyramidal Yews and Hills Yews up against the north garage wall.

Now, remember that my wife’s husband can be very lazy. icon smile LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire My plan was to put Christmas lights on the seven Pyramidal (cone shaped) Yews and the six Hills Yews along the north wall of the front garden. That way, I would not have to deal with a ladder and the effort of clipping the lights on the eves trough on the top of the wall.

We were fortunate to have an electrical outlet already installed by the previous owners of our house in the center of the garden which connects to another outlet inside our garage. My plan is to use connect two sets of the outdoor LED Christmas light strings to the outlet in the center of our front garden and then run one light string to the left side and the other to the right side of the garden.

noma led christmas lights 002 LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

The actual indoor / outdoor LED Christmas light sets I obtained from Canadian Tire are each 100 feet long containing 200 LED multi-coloured Christmas lights. They come on the wheel as you can see in the above picture which is great for storing and preventing too many tangles. (One could argue that they are pet friendly icon smile LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire , at least they are to our dog Sandy!)

Why two 100 feet Christmas light strings? It might seem long, especially as our garden runs only about 30 feet.

However, it is surprising how much length one uses of the light string on each bush and shrub. Since they are LED lights which cost much less to run than incandescent lights as we all know, I’m not too worried about the cost of running so many lights. I like to see lots of lights on each of the Yews. With two 100 foot Christmas light strings I don’t think I have to worry about running out of lights.

As well, in a year or two down the road once the two small trees at the front of the garden are more mature, I’d like to be able to put Christmas lights on them as well. I should be able to do that with the two light strings I am using this year just for the Yews. And, if I need additional light strings, these two each have an electrical plug at each end.

I found that in prior homes I would buy the 20 or 25 foot Christmas light strings and then be wanting more. Two one hundred foot light strings should be plenty.

So, how do the look? Let’s take a look.

noma led christmas lights 010 LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

Now remember that my 7 year old Cannon digital camera does not work very well at night. However, when my wife returned home around 10 pm the first night I had put them up she commented that they looked really nice and bright.

What I like aesthetically about Pyramidal Yews in the garden is how they look like lots of small Christmas trees all lit up when they have Christmas lights on them. Very pretty, don’t you think?

noma led christmas lights 011 LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

In all, it took about 30 minutes to place both of the 100 foot LED outdoor Christmas lights on the Yews in the garden as well as set the timer inside the garage. Not long at all.

noma led christmas lights 014 LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for your own energy savings (remember, they are LED lights which use much, much less electricity than incandescent lights) approach to decorating the outside of your home this holiday season.

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  1. mike says:

    Theives made off with 2 of our solar garednlights already and the LED wreath. I’m wondering if the remaining solar garden light can handle the limited light and the overnight freezing, or if they should be replaced by plugins.

  2. Dan says:

    At this point in the season, Mike, I would suggest if you really want replacement lights to get LED ones; the solar charged lights technology still seems a bit inconsistent performance wise from comments we have received.

    Or, wait until next season to see what they come out with as far as solar charged Christmas lights.



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