Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack – 2

Yesterday, in Part 1 we had removed the double towel rack from it’s initial faulty location, located one wall stud to be used to secure the towel rack in it’s new location had drilled the anchoring holes.

Remember that we used a level to ensure that the pair of holes on either side would be, well, level.

So, next I found a pair of screws larger than those which came with the double towel rack’s packaging and screwed them past the drywall and into the wall stud to secure the anchoring plate to the wall for the right end.

new bathroom towel rack anchor position Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   2

Next, I used a pair of self drilling dry wall anchors from E-Z Ancor, as shown in the picture below, to secure the left end  of the double towel rack. 

self anchoring wall plugs Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   2

These are really good because you don’t need to pre-drill the holes in the drywall; you simply need to make your mark in the drywall where you want the anchors to be placed, place the self drilling anchor on the end of a screw type of drill bit in your drill and off you go. 

self drilling dry wall anchor Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   2

One does, however, need to be a little careful when inserting these type of self drilling anchors and do it slowly to avoid mishaps and damage to the drywall around the area of the ultimate hole for the anchoring screws. Here you can see that the two self drilling wall anchors are fully inserted into the wall above and to the left of the holes in the wall from the original installation of the double towel rack of a couple of years ago.

self drilling wall anchors installed Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   2

Once I had used my wife’s drill to insert the two self drilling wall anchors, I then proceeded to use the same drill bit for the screws and attached the anchoring hardware for the left end of the towel rack into the wall.

bathroom double towel rack anchoring hardware Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   2

Be sure that the metal anchors are positioned vertically. It is easy for them to tilt to one side or the other when you put pressure on that last part of screwing the screw therein. If this happens, the end of the towel rack will not be fully secured to the anchor.

Tomorrow, the installation for both ends of the double towel rack.

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