Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack – 1

Today we write about one of the many home maintenance tips which are easy to do.

Most bungalows, just like the one we call home, are short on space because any living space which is not in the basement is all on one floor.

So, in our master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom we had installed a double towel rack by the contractors as part of creating the en suite in the first place.


A double towel rack holds two towels at once; it will need to hold double the weight of a regular single towel rack.

If the double towel rack is meant to hold two bath towels, which can get pretty heavy when they are wet, then the towel rack had better be pretty well secured to the wall.

If it was me, I’d try my best to ensure that at least one end of the towel rack was secured directly into a wall stud.

Alas, ours was not. Both ends were simply secured to the piece of drywall we call a wall by wall plugs. That’s it.

So, eventually when the towel rack became loosened from the wall it should not have been any surprise.

And it did. Here’s the picture showing the left end of the double towel rack still on the wall. If you look closely on the right you can see the holes in the drywall where the right end of the towel rack used to be ‘secured’ to the wall.

bathroom towel rack repair 1 Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   1

So, at first I could not get the one end separated from the metal part which was actually held to the wall with the screws. So I went out to Home Depot and purchased another set (as that was where we purchased the original towel rack from a couple of years ago. In the picture below you can see the one end from our original double towel rack still with the screws and drywall anchors attached.

new double towel rack Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   1

However, I was eventually able to separate the one end from it’s securing metal component by an Allen key and will return the new set for a refund.

Now, after removing the remaining end of the double towel rack from the wall I used my stud finder and quickly located the vertical stud. It was only about 3 inches from the location that the contractors had chosen for the one end of the towel rack which had become loose in the first place.


However, because the weight of the wet bath towels lacked IMO sufficient support without at least one end being secured directly into a wall stud, the drywall had become too loose at the one end to support anything as cant be seen from the picture below. Even though the stud was only 3 inches away, I decided to raise the new location of the towel rack by about 4 or 5 inches to be sure this did not happen again.

damaged drywall from improperly installed bathroom towel rack Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack   1

So, after using a level to mark the  the location of the initial holes at either end of towel rack I proceeded to use my wife’s 25+ year old drill (funny, I never got around to purchasing my own!) to create the holes. And, that is where we pick things up in Part 2.

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