Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips – 4

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Yesterday, in Part 3, we continued to review the many money saving tips for saving on your home’s heating bill this winter which will cost you just a little to do. Yes, these are both money savings and energy conservation tips all in one.

Today we continue where we left off to complete our review of the money saving, energy conservation, suggestions to reduce your home’s heating bills which will cost you a little but can save you a lot year after year after year.

Number 310, Repair Damaged Storm Doors / Windows. Yesterday we had the suggestion to check to see if any of your storm doors or storm windows were damaged. Well, its one thing to see if they are damaged; it is something entirely different to fix them; fixing them takes action on your part, either fixing the damage yourself or paying someone to fix the damage. Heck, you may even need to replace it should the damage be so significant that it is cheaper to replace than to repair.

Number 311, Use Hot Water Bottles to Warm Feet in Winter. One of our visitors last winter uses this tip in their attempt to keep the temperature in their home low to save money on reduced heating bills in the winter. Will this work for you?

Number 312, Wash Windows to Maximize Sun in Winter. Sure, keep your interior window coverings (drapes, blinds, etc.) open during the day in the winter to let the sun enter the home and help heat the inside. However, more of the sun’s UV rays which will heat the inside air when the windows are clean (on the outside and inside) compared to when they are dirty.

Number 313,  Annual Furnace Tune-up. Have you had your annual furnace tune up, or maintenance yet? An inefficient furnace of course eplwill consume more natural gas or home heating oil causing you money through higher heating bills in the winter. As well, having your furnace checked each fall can alert you to parts which may need replacing rather than waiting for the furnace to stop working in the middle of a weekend night when no one is around to come and fix it.

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Number 314, Insulate Around Exterior Door Frames. Just as it is important to ensure that there is sufficient insulation around window frames, it is similarly important to ensure that there is sufficient insulation round door frames leading outside the house. If you are having a new front or back door installed, make sure you are there during the full installation to check that the installers put sufficient insulation to seal air leaks all around the door frame.

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Number 315, Hang Thick Curtains in Entryway. One of our site’s visitors last winter said that because of air leaks around their front door, they hank a thick curtain by the entrance to their home to keep the cold air out. Sure, they should fix the air leaks. However, perhaps their front door is poorly insulated, in need of repair but they cannot afford a new door.

Number 316, Use Heat-Resistant Vent Reflectors. Heating vent reflectors have been around for years and years. Their function, in case you don’t remember, is to direct the hot air from the heating vents away from walls, furniture, window coverings and out into the living area of the room. This way the air heated by your furnace is not trapped behind curtains, etc. which will make the room feel warmer sooner and cause the furnace to run less, saving you money.

This completes our review of our home heating savings ideas which cost a little but can save you a lot.

To continue with our look at our home heating savings ideas, select the following link to look at more costly home heating bill savings suggestions.

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  1. alex yad says:

    I use gas tankless water heater for several months for hot water and heating. Frugal really scary, but in the summer when no heating and are therefore not work continuously, when you put the water you must wait between 5 and 10 seconds to warm up.

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