Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips – 2

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Yesterday, in Part 1, we began to review the many money saving tips on your home’s heating bill this winter which will cost you just a little to do. Yes, these are both money savings and energy conservation tips all in one.

Today we continue where we left off in our review of the money saving, energy conservation, suggestions to reduce your home’s heating bills which will cost you a little but can save you a lot year after year after year.

Number 292, Duct Tape Heating Duct Gaps. Air leaks can occur inside the house itself. Gaps in the duct work of homes with forced air furnaces means that the air heated by your furnace is escaping between the floors and walls of your home when it should be ending up through the heating vents to heat your rooms. Look for such gaps in your duct work, buy some duct tape and seal these internal air leaks.

furnace duct line close up Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips   2

Number 293, Vent Cover Blocker. You can pick up a pair of these magnetic energy conservation products at your local hardware or building supplies retailer. Closing the vent in an unused room or in the basement will help reduce heated air from passing through the vent’s cover, but it will not stop it. When you place a vent block cover on the vent, it will seal the vent cover so heated air only goes through the vents in the areas you are actually using in your home.

Number 294, Caulking (strippable on attic opening). The door to your attic contains air leaks all around the door perimeter. So, why not use some strippable caulking to seal these air leaks and help keep the heated air inside the living areas of your home.

Number 295, Place Bricks In Wood Stove to Retain the Heat. For those with wood stoves, consider placing a few bricks inside to retain the heat and allowing the stove to heat the room just that little bit longer. If you don’t have a few bricks lying around, go to any building supply store and buy a few; heck, they may even give them to you if you tell them what they are for. But remember; continue to exercise all the necessary cautions in using a wood stove.

Number 296, Weather Stripping (electric panel doors).  We have a unique situation where the prior owners encased the electrical panel in the basement. Unfortunately, they did not do anything to stop the cold air from entering the house in that area. You could feel the cold air entering the basement even when the doors to the built-in cupboard were closed. So, I placed cheap weather stripping on the doors to the cupboard and no longer do we have cold air entering the basement through that area. Pretty simple yet very effective.

finished weather stripping on electric panel door Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips   2

Number 297,  Weather Stripping on Windows. If your windows are older than say 10 years, check to be sure that these have not worn down, that they are actually sealing out the cold outside air from entering your home when the window is closed. If they are worn, replace them.

Number 298Electric Outlet Child Proof Covers. Placing these cheap items in the electrical outlets on exterior walls not being used will help keep heated air inside the home during the winter.

electrical outlet child proof Cheap Home Heating Bill Savings & Conservation Tips   2

Number 299, Electric Outlet Insulating Seals. Both light switches and electrical outlets against exterior walls are full of air leaks, allowing heated air in the winter to escape. Seal them with cheap CSA approved insulation. It take just a minute or two to help keep the hot air inside your home in the winter (and the cooled air inside in the summer) and help lower your heating bill year after year after year.

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Next time, more home heating savings energy conservation tips for you.

To continue to the next article in this series, simply select this link to Part 3.

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